Saturday 3 June 2023

Hot Springs

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.  On this basis there is not much I can add to these fabulous photos below of our time at the Lakehouse in Hot Springs Arizona.

This is literally 5 minutes after waking up, Patrick jumped straight in a kayak.  I sipped my coffee on the upper deck enjoying the incredible views and atmosphere.

We spent our days fishingg


And just hanging out.
I may or may not, have spent some time sunbathing on one of those loungers on the left-hand side of this pic

Life is better at the lake!

More fishing. Caught nuthin'

Idyllic. Sheer serenity

We had a lovely day of sightseeing up the mountains (Ouachita) and the town of Hot Springs.  A particular highlight was filling our water bottles from the HOT thermal springs water.  When I say hot I mean HOT, practically boiling!! Like, you could not put your mouth up to drink from it like a drinking fountain!!
We also visited the Arlington Hotel and a Bathhouse museum which was very interesting indeed. I was particularly taken with a hotel from the 1960's called the Aristocrat, unfortunately with a not so great story to tell in more modern times - it is now a low income housing unit with very poor living conditions from all reports :( (Poor AC and black mold everywhere).  I feel like the owner of the building could do better.... :( Have a google for full story 

Vic brought us to Stud Duck Brewery.  Which was supposed to be closed!!! Day after Memorial Day etc.  Vic put a call in and the owner kindly opened up and hosted us for an hour or two

The owner is to the left of this photo (duck yellow tshirt)
As you can see the bar/brewery is made out of three shipping containers.  Yes, one of them is an Evergiven container.


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