Saturday 3 June 2023


Like many people am sure, I have always wanted to go to Graceland. 

And here I am!

I didn't take a huge amount of photos because at the end of the day there are millions and millions of photos out there that are far better than I could take to show you.  Instead I decided to just soak up the atmosphere without the distraction of photographing.

I did however take a few snaps of things that interested me...  This is Lisa Marie's play swing set.  How cute and 1960's looking right?  Although, also very similar to the one my sister's and I had in the early 80's.

This boat engine was in an outhouse from the Graceland farm, as it was before Elvis bought it.  Elvis used this building as a little fun firing range.

Furniture out by the pool.  Look at the decoration underneath the coffee table - this is the same style furniture as my patio furniture that I recently blogged about!

Which parts of the trip were my favourite
1. Goes without saying, the House.  Although, ironically it was the shortest part of all the exhibits.  
Very moving seeing Elvis' grave and even sadder seeing poor Lisa Marie's tomb :(
2. The large exhibit about his extraordinary run at The International Hotel in Las Vegas
3. The exhibit of the jumpsuits and the evolution of their design
4. His planes. Sad that he made the massive purchase of the Lisa Marie Convair 880 in 1975 and enjoyed it for just 2 years before his death in 1977.

"Before Elvis there was nothing"
- John Lennon

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