Sunday 18 June 2023

Fish on!!!!

Oh lord it happened! I reeled a big fish in.  A 30 inch and 4.4lb Mahi Mahi.

This happy smile...the hours of frustration out there when we thought we had struck out, a distant memory.

Chiguana sticker for perspective/size comparison.  Have I told you about Chiguana? 
A story for another day....

So, this was Saturday.  And we didn't go out on Sunday (today).  The plan is: we go out Monday (which is Juneteenth so Patrick is off work) and we go big and troll again.  But after that, whether we catch a mahi mahi or not, we take a break from the trolling for a while.  Why? A whole variety of reasons.  It's tough on the boat engine/adds hours on to the engine.  It is time consuming for us and most of all it is physically and emotionally draining.  Your whole body aches after trolling.  It is hard to describe but you are just on your feet all the time and you are also tensed and watching, ready for action at any time.  But my gosh, that high when it happens?! Nothing like it...

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