Saturday 3 June 2023

Vacation eats

A little photo dump of some of the fabulous foods we ate in Arkansas and Memphis.  I say fabulous because if you know me, you know that I loooooove meat and I love barbeque

This is our friend Vic's smoker!  He showed and told us all about it and recommended it so much that we are thinking of getting one for at home ourselves! Watch this space

Shoulder of pork.  Seasoned a day in advance, popped in the smoker in the morning....

....and 8 hours later ready for dinner

Rendezvous was so enjoyable that we went twice!

I drank beer!!! 
Patrick found a really nice one that both of us liked a lot - him so much that he drank it for the whole time in Memphis

Rendezvous ribs

Okay so not fancy but this is what I ate in Graceland.  This is the kids menu lol

While I was eating this, Patrick was eating MUDBUGS!  Aka crawfish or crawdads.  Fresh from the Missippi River.  No photo unfortunately.  He went to this fun little fish restaurant called Flying Fish which we had looked at the day pior - have a little google, a cute little spot!

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