Friday 28 December 2012

Breakfast & dinner in Ranelagh

As you may know, Enid lives in Ranelagh - read her blog here.  Amongst alot of other stuff one great thing about Ranelagh is the great restaurants and takeaways.
Last week Enid & I ate out in Tribeca for dinner & 51 for breakfast.


All of the food always looks great in Tribeca but I always just go for a burger - RARE!
I asked for a lot of blue cheese with it and I sure got it as you can see from the photo.
I think a Tribeca burger is one of the best burgers in Dublin!

I also had a lovely glass of Malbec. 
Glass of vino, nice burger for €20 not bad I say.

The next morning we went to 51 and had porridge. 
Normally it is served with Baileys (yes Baileys!)
but they had ran out and it was too early to buy a new bottle :-(
Other than no Baileys I really enjoyed the porridge. 
BUT they still charged the full price which I think was a bit unfair - half of the advertised dish was not there after all - I think they should have discounted for this.

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  1. Omg, if you didntcaption that picture of me, I would have said it was you!!