Sunday 2 December 2012

Christmas party - nice location - shabby chic!

Last night we attended our kayak club's annual Christmas party. 

It was held in the Angler's Rest on the Strawberry beds beside the river Liffey.

I love the Anglers as a party location.  It has a fantastic shabby chic feel to it.  I have some photos below for you to look at but to be honest they really do not capture the feel of it - the flash really lit it up whereas it was just nicely dark :-)

The food was delicious!  I wish I took photos of the starters and mains for you :-(
I had duck liver parfait with toast to start, and then fabulous turkey and ham as my main - sure it was the Christmas party - you'd have to.


 Check out my dessert - Belgian Chocolate tart, mmmmm.

And here is a picture of how the Apple Crumble was presented - in a jar - how quaint.

As you can see from this photo I had a great night - with my antlers and my ear-rings made from Christmas decorations!!!!!!  :-)

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  1. Your dessert looks delicious and the apple in a jar too!!