Sunday 2 December 2012

The Gasworks building Dublin

The Gasworks is a structure which from approx 1895 housed a gasometer which supplied gas across Dublin.

I believe it would have last been functional in the 50's/60's.  By replacing the metal internal wall with glass, the structure was converted into a pretty cool residential building around 2006.

It's a very impressive building in my opinion.

The atrium in the centre.  The entrances to each apartment is via here.

I like the industrial look stone used in the courtyard/atrium.

Another exterior shot.  Check out the foundations of each pillar/post.
Cool cool building!  I'd LOOOOOOVE to live in one of those apartments!
Except for one reason (time for a rant!!!!!):
There is a serious amount of stupid signs all over the complex. The management company seem to have gone completely flathiulach on the signage????

How to ruin a nice courtyard with a beautiful tree - stick a load of signs below it.


In my opinion the sheer volume of these signs detract from this cool building/complex.
BUT I would still like to live here! 

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