Tuesday 19 February 2019

Barbecue Tales Part 6 & 7 - Chicken and Fish (Lane Snapper)

I simply cannot describe how delicious this chicken tastes.  I know you are probably looking at it and thinking "well Amy, it looks like a right old concoction of mush being completely honest". And you'd be right!  

But my god that mush tastes good.  And this chicken is just a simple mid week supper so who says it has to look like something served up by cordon bleu chef?

On Sunday I went fishing!  I love it so much!! #obsessed
We went on a new boat - the Gulfstream out of Garrison bight - and it was a really great experience. Lovely big boat with plenty of seating areas. Fantastic staff - friendly and efficient.  Great value for money - we went 10 miles out (we were 1/9 on our way to Cuba lol!) and did 4 different fishing stops.  And as you can see from the picture above we got a great haul of fish.

There is nothing like bringing fish (plump Lane Snapper) that you caught yourself home and cooking it on the grill.  The fish was so fresh it really didn't need much prepping.  Some light seasoning and some sweet potato, and it was a perfect dinner.  

And there is another batch the same size waiting in the freezer for next weekend!

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