Wednesday 13 February 2019

Weather report

This morning I woke to a grey overcast sky. It was coldish too. As I sat out in the tiki hut, drinking my first coffee of the day, I commented that it felt just like Ireland.  Specifically the West of know that greyish Galway weather? To be fair, Galway is always lovely no matter what the weather is like.  And I mean that!  Sure there's always the open fire and good live music in the King's Head or the Quays Bar when it is cold and miserable, right?!

Well what rolled in just two minutes later was nothing like anything I have ever experienced in Ireland.  Extremely loud claps and rolls of thunder, bolts of lightning, and torrential tropical rain.

I ran inside to take cover and I swear it has not let up since then. It has been a funny old morning of staying indoors because of that.  I finished work at 11 last night and I am not in until 3pm today so I did take a snooze at around 11am for 30 minutes.  Napping during the day is something I battle against/struggle with.  I always feel a little lazy or guilty doing it but to be fair I felt tired, and I fell asleep quickly so clearly my body needed it.  I really shouldn't feel bad, you need to listen to your body sometimes.

I also don't want you feeling too sorry for me about the weather.  Ahahahahaahha, I can hear the Irish cries of  "WE DON'T AMY!!" all the way over here.

Check out that weather forecast for tomorrow and onwards!

Already I am making nice plans for this weekend! It is a long weekend because of President's day so we are planning a fishing trip on Sunday (and cooking the fish at home that night) and then a fun Monday of some local pier fishing, a touristy tour (train or trolley) or maybe a museum, and then a nice dinner on the beach at "Salute on the Beach".

Side note. This blog post, and some of the sentences within, has reminded me how much I do love an oxford comma.

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