Sunday 25 March 2012

Caiproska Cocktail - a recipe

There is nothing like a cocktail in the evening - particularly after a nice sunny day, which it just happened to have been in Dublin today. 

I recommend a Caiproska.  The lime is refreshing, the crushed ice keeps it cool and the generous measure of vodka gives it a good old kick.

Here is my recipe for Caiproska.  I hope you try it out and enjoy!

A new notes before we start!
What glass to serve this beverage in?
The right glass is essential for this drink - for both the making process and the drinking process. 
After a long time searching I found the perfect glass. 
The perfect glass in my opinion, is an "Old Fashioned" from the vintage range of Waterford Crystal  "Marquis".  Considering they are Waterford Crystal they are not expensive.  And I got mine on sale in Arnotts so even better value! 

If you can get your hands on a muddler then brilliant.  They are not widely available in Ireland so your best bet is probably online. I got mine in Fast Buck Freddie's, Key West for approx $9.
But before I got a proper muddler I used to use the handle of a rolling pin!

Crushed Ice
An essential for this recipe is crushed ice. Ice cubes will not melt fast enough and the vodka will not be diluted enough. I use a blender to crush my ice but if you get really stuck you could also put your ice in a plastic bag and smash/crush it with a rolling pin.

My blender.
I won't lie to you.  This blender is only ever used for crushing ice for cocktails.

Ingredients per drink
1 lime
1 level dessert spoon of brown sugar (demera - the light golden brown chunky sugar)
1 healthy measure of vodka - a generous shot
Crushed ice


Cut the limes in half and then in 1/6's

Amy Tip!
I like to put my limes facing skin down/inside facing up so that when I add the sugar it starts soaking in straight away.

Add your sugar.

Here in Ireland we also say: squash the limes.

 Add crushed ice right up to the top of the glass.

Pour that healthy measure of vodka over the ice. 
As per the glass on the left it will melt the ice down a little.

Mix the drink to melt the ice, and to mix the vodka, sugar & lime.

Add more crushed ice.
Again, right up to the brim of the glass.

More swizzling!


Be sure to post your comments once you try it out!

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First Blog!

After months and months of talking about starting a blog, I've finally created one.

What will I be blogging about? 
Stuff :-)
Stuff that I find interesting....and hopefully stuff you will find interesting. 
Things that I like to do, things I like to eat, things I like to drink,  what I think about....yadda yadda you get the picture.  Basically all kinds of everything.

So!  Wish me luck.  Here goes!