Sunday 24 July 2016

Something Unspoken by Tennessee Williams - Bewleys Cafe Theatre in Powerscourt

My mother (being much more cultural than her daughter) invited me to go see a play with her on Saturday,

I was excited when I heard it was by Tennessee Williams.  I have never seen any of his plays or even films, to my shame, but with the Key West connection and all that I have seen and read about him (in Key West) I just knew I would like it.

And I did!  I thought it was an excellent production - the set, the actors were wonderful (Grace a little stronger than Cornelia I thought) and oh the words and the storyline.  It was wonderful.
My mother who goes to a lot of plays etc agreed that she too thought it was great. 

I really enjoyed the afternoon - as mam said to me "there is just nothing like live theatre".  The tickets were not even that expensive (€12) I am definitely going to make a big effort to go to much more theatre over the next while.

Sunday 3 July 2016

Weekend round up

On Saturday I went out to Tallaght to watch a Roller Derby bout.

I agree :-)

I was very hungry so I got a lovely chicken and sausage stuffing pie from The Pieman

That evening I met with Enid and Alice and we went to see Bjorn Again in the Bord Gais theatre.
BA are a cover band who do Abba songs.  We were laughing thinking how we went to see them as 14/15 years old for our first concert - and how Alice's older sister went along with us as chaperone!

We had a great night! Our tickets were bought late and we were supposed to be sitting all separate (eek!) but we found 3 seats together which were vacant a little further back and we sat there. 

Before the concert we ate in HQ in Hanover Quay.  Nice food and wine - gets a big thumbs up from me.

Today Enid cycled to mams on her new bike.  I cycled my bike too.  We had dinner in mams and then we both cycled into town.

It was a lovely warm day so we got frappucino's in Starbucks. 

A very nice weekend all round...

Saturday 2 July 2016

Golden oldie photies

I called into my mothers on Friday evening and we enjoyed looking at some old photos that she had come across.
I hadn't seen this photo for years, in fact I thought it had been lost so I was delighted to see it.  This is Enid and I age 17 on St Stephen's day heading into our part time work in the restaurant of The Gresham Hotel.
I used to love our uniforms!!!  Proper heavy wool type skirts, cute little blouse with a pink ribbon/neck type.  And then these little cute aprons - as long as your apron was washed and ironed you looked decent!
We worked in The Gresham with two friends of ours and we had a wonderful time and have lots of fun and hilarious stories about working in a "posh" Dublin hotel.

This is from around the same time also.  This is Enid and I heading off to our Debs.  We stopped wearing the same clothes when we were 12 (our confirmation was the last same outfit) but then decided to wear the same for our Debs...  When I think back, 12 is very old to still be dressing the same, we were pretty innocent at that age!  I am glad we wore the same to our Debs though!