Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Pigsy in Effusion Gallery, Key West

While Enid was recently visiting me in Key West we took the opportunity to go view the Pigsy collection in Effusion Gallery on Duval Street.   Really lucky that we did, because to be honest, I am not sure how long there will be Pigsy artwork there to see  - since my last visit, another one has sold!

Enid, with John from the Gallery

Amy.  Colours of the Pigsy's looking phenomenal

Ireland, June 2022

 After 3.5 years I finally got home to Ireland!  Amazing how much we packed in.  Amongst other things: met tons and tons of Patrick's relatives, saw Oliver Reed's final resting place in Churchtown, Cork (stayed two nights in the village actually), overnighted in The Shelbourne (eek! Bit of a lifelong dream realised),  a night in Powerscourt Hotel, Enniskerry, visited with my family, met up with Alice and spent a nice bit of time with Enid and Ciaran in Ranelagh.

Pictured below are some food highlights of the hol

Centre of the pic is the absolute climax of the food journey - the amazing seafood tower that Ciaran treated us to in his lovely Lawn Tennis Club restaurant.  Lobster, mussels, clams, oysters, salmon, crab, prawns. Oh my!

Other amazing food places visited: One Pico on Molesworth St, Sikka in Powerscourt, Matt The Threshers on Pembroke, Reilly's on Merrion St, various pubs in Dingle and the surrounds.  Good, Irish ingredients just can't be beat!

It really was just a wonderful trip.