Monday 26 June 2023

Canada Day Pool Party 2023

Calm before the storm!

I love this ice table inflatable thingy.  We had the big cooler filled with ice for all drinks but I like keeping some Canadian beers (Labatts) on display here.  Plus also veggies and dips etc


Jennifer L made this and it was DIVINE

The Nanaimo bars are always a hit.  Big thanks to Jenni for making these every year 

Our neigbor Lisa made the most beautiful desserts ever.  Not pictured are the chocolate covered strawberries

Sheila's incredible fudgy brownies

We also had PIZZA.  Crisis averted when we rang our first choice pizza place and they weren't delivering.  Patrick called in an order to our second and I jumped on my bike and went around and collected

Maraschino cherries for the....

....Mary Pickford cocktails.  They sure look great don't they?  They were a tiny bit sweet I think but everyone seemed to enjoy them

Patrick's rum coconuts were very popular

How adorable are these?!
I got the stickers on amazon for Hershey's kisses

Everyone got a little bag of them as party favor as they left

NONE of these photos are mine btw!  Sign of a good party when you don't take out your phone once :)

If I get any more photos from people I will post below!

Last two of the season?

With Patrick being off last week (Juneteenth) we ventured out and got lucky at about 380ft!  Very quickly too, the first one was on the hook after only about 3 minutes - before we even had the second rod out.

After that successful trip we went out again - to about 400 feet - yesterday.  A total strike out!! But all good, 6 caught so far this year.  Hopefully not, but if that is it for the season, it is a great number.


Sunday 18 June 2023

Fish on!!!!

Oh lord it happened! I reeled a big fish in.  A 30 inch and 4.4lb Mahi Mahi.

This happy smile...the hours of frustration out there when we thought we had struck out, a distant memory.

Chiguana sticker for perspective/size comparison.  Have I told you about Chiguana? 
A story for another day....

So, this was Saturday.  And we didn't go out on Sunday (today).  The plan is: we go out Monday (which is Juneteenth so Patrick is off work) and we go big and troll again.  But after that, whether we catch a mahi mahi or not, we take a break from the trolling for a while.  Why? A whole variety of reasons.  It's tough on the boat engine/adds hours on to the engine.  It is time consuming for us and most of all it is physically and emotionally draining.  Your whole body aches after trolling.  It is hard to describe but you are just on your feet all the time and you are also tensed and watching, ready for action at any time.  But my gosh, that high when it happens?! Nothing like it...

Feeling blue?

These were a donation from a friend who was moving house about a year ago.  They are lightweight plastic and are really useful at this time of the year - we pull them out from the shed and because they are light you can move them around garden chasing some shade and staying out of the sun while eating dinner. On that note, this June is crazy hot!!!  Heat warnings in place would you believe.   Any locals/longtimers I have been speaking with have told me they cannot remember any hotter June.

The furniture needed a small touch up...

I suppose, I could have just gone for white.  But here we are, I went for a tropical Florida blue

I am not entirely sure about them tbh

A little bit out there! But heck, something different, eh

Smoked Ribs for your viewing pleasure

After our recent trip to Arkansas and Memphis, where we saw a smoker in action, plus ate a ton of Southern barbeque we figured it would be fun to invest in a smoker for ourselves. 

We bought one online - not the most expensive one, not the cheapest one as we figure we will probably only use it every month or three weeks or so.
How cute does it look in the garden? I have to say, Florida really is a great place for outdoor cooking...

I followed the 3-2-1 method of cooking these ribs. 
First things first I seasoned with Rendezvous Dry Rub.

Into the smoker at 225 degrees for the first 3 hours, attending to it every half hour and spritzing it with apple juice.

Next it was wrapped up in tinfoil and cooked for 2 hours. Again 225 degrees.

And then finally the last (1) hour it was basted with some barbeque sauce and put back in at 225 degrees

This is just before the last hour

And here we go! 6 hours of cooking later (3-2-1 hours)

How about this loveliness?!

And there you have it! Smoked St Louis Ribs.

I'm ready for Vegas!

Key West Rotary held their annual casino night fundraiser in the Marriott Beachside Hotel and I really enjoyed it this year!

I was a little bit nibblish when I arrived.  Plus a little bit thirsty ;) so I treated myself to a Spicy Margarita

And lamb lollipops

Paul, Kelly and myself

Paul with his sunglasses (prop) on.  Can you guess the theme of the night?!

It was 1970s/hippy costume night

This photo is blurry but I like it so much. In the back is our dealer who was just 22 years, cute as a button, SMART AS A WHIP and great fun too.

I enjoyed playing and LEARNING blackjack.  Patrick bought us U2 tickets to see Las Vegas in November.  We are going to be staying in The Venetian where the concert venue is located and I am so excited! Even more so now that I have some proper blackjack experience, lol.

The evening ended with a raffle of great prizes and a silent auction of even better prizes.  Well done to the organizers, a fantastic night as always and more money raised this year than ever - more scholarships for kids, brilliant!