Tuesday 15 May 2018

The day I caught a shark

This year in Key West, as my regular boat was in dry dock getting some maintenance done I ended up going out fishing with a new boat and crew - The Salty Goat.

It was a very different experience from my previous experiences - being a smaller boat with less people I found it a more personal and professional (that is not a criticism of any other boats I've been on! It was just different!)

We had such a good time fishing on the Monday (and caught so many fish) that we decided we would go out twice more in our remaining week in Key West, and hence we booked Wednesday and Friday.  Both as it happened turned out to be quite the experience!

Wednesday.  My fishing partner and I caught sharks.  Need I say more?  Ok well let me tell you how good it feels to reel in a big fish that is battling to get off the hook and swim away.  10lbs of wriggling muscle (mine) meant this little bad boy put up quite the fight.  Is it common for two people to catch a shark each you ask?.  It sure as hell is NOT!  I feel truly lucky.  Special shout out to Captain Ashley and First Mate Dan who helped us with the shark haul and take such good photos.

Then  Sunday (last full day in Key West) we woke up to torrential rain and storming and were nervous if we would get out at all.  Captain Dan gave a good safety talk and weather warning - they would go out, if you didn't want to go out that was fine, but if you went out there was to be no complaining, it was going to rain.  So of course we went out!  And it was wet, cold and rainy.   But it was an adventure and afterwards while eating our cooked up fish in Dante's (which we had caught) we talked about the horrendous weather and all we saw and caught that day.  A special mention to the crew on such an awful day (Dan and First Mate Greg) - thanks for going out and all the assistance hooking and cleaning the fish etc.

I will definitely go out on this boat again when I am in Key West next time.  Roll on my next visit to Paradise!