Sunday 25 March 2018

What a lovely weekend!

This weekend I decided to take a little break away from Dublin.  Here I am on the bus to Galway at 7.15am on Saturday morning.  I was up early as I wanted to wash my hair before I set off, but as you can see I look pretty happy with myself to be up and out, and on the road!

When I arrived in Galway I had an hour before my next bus to bring me right into the heart of  the gaeltacht area of Connemara. So as is tradition I went into Garveys across the road from the bus station for some food and coffee.
As it was still so early in the morning I went for the full Irish and it was very good indeed.
After a lovely day pottering around the house - indoors and outdoors - sunset arrived and the night drew in.
You just don't get views like this in Dublin do you?!

I settled in for the night with a lovely fire and a little drink for the evening. An open fire is a real treat in this day and age I think you will agree. There's really nothing like the look and smell of it, and of course the heat from it is fabulous. 
On Sunday morning I woke to this glorious view

Sadly it was time to go but not before I managed to fix the zipper on my weekend bag (which I had managed to break by overstuffing on the day previous - oops).  All's well that ends well and I do enjoy doing diy/craft stuff like this.  Quite proud of myself too if truth be told!

I had a brilliant time away, I feel truly lucky to have access to such beautiful part of Ireland in such a cute little cottage beside that amazing lake (what a view!!),
*** *** ********************************** *** ***

In other news! At 9 years of age Bones went to the cinema to see his first full film today.
As I travelled home on the bus I followed the exploits of Enid, Ciaran and Bones at the cinema with a big load of other pups and doggos for a first ever #dogfriendly movie screening in Ireland.  It looked ridiculous but apparently was a great success according to Enid. If you'd like to read more about this Enid has done a full trip report over on her blog.


Sunday 18 March 2018

St Patrick's Day 2018

I had one of the best days ever with Enid yesterday!  She arrived to my house prompt and early and we had a lovely big breakfast of a full Irish.  The big breakfast was two fold - we wanted something substantial to keep us going for the day, and because it was St Patrick's Day it was good to eat Irish rashers, eggs and sausages etc 

We then donned our costumes - from hats to long coats to our lovely sashes made by Enid - and set off to meet with our other 98 suffragettes on our "freedom machines"

And here we are taking part in the St Patrick's Day parade as part of the Dublin Cycling Campaign.
Cycling as suffragettes we were celebrating both 100 years of the vote for Irish women, and the part the bicycle played and how it was used by women in achieving voting rights.
After the match we went to McGrattans pub to watch the Big Match - the six nations final - Ireland versus England.  Which we won!  Which meant Ireland not only won the overall six nations but also the Grand Slam.  It was awesome!
Afterall that excitement we needed something to eat. We cycled out to Enid''s and went to La Bodega in Ranelagh for lovely tapas and wine.  It was very good, and definitely recommend it if you are looking for nice small plates.
And finally, because the cold was in our bones, we finished with a lovely dip in the hot tub.
As every Irish person knows, St Patrick's Day is always freeeeeezing!

Sunday 11 March 2018

My big fat fabulous seafood weekend

This weekend it was all about the Irish seafood!
On Thursday night we went to Urchin on Stephen's Green (it's part of the Cliff Townhouse) where we had a selection of prawns (pil pil and gambas) and also a portion of beef cheek.

It was so  nice that we actually went back on Friday night (after drinks in Kennedy's bar on Tara Street) and ordered just the prawns gambas to share.

Recognising us from the night before the lovely staff sent us over 2 little shrimp croquettes which while interesting didn't taste of very much.

And then the finale!
A seafood platter for two from the Bloody Stream in Howth,
Which we actually shared between three (Enid came along for the train ride), accompanied by two sides of sweet potato fries and onion rings it worked perfectly.
Can you see everything that is packed on there? Mussels in a lovely hot creamy broth, garlic bread for dipping into said broth, oysters, prawns, crab meat, smoked salmon, and poached salmon. It was excellent! It was my first time in the Bloody Stream and it will not be my last.

Friday 2 March 2018

Storm Emma meets The Beast from the East

What do you get when a wind and rain storm comes up from the South and hits extreme polar air coming in from the East?

You get very unusual and extreme weather for Ireland - a lot of snow and really cold temperatures of below zero.

Check out the icicles on Oisin Kelly's Chariot of Life outside the Irish Life building!