Sunday 27 June 2021

Canada Day (July 1st) party

 Oh Canada! We had a wonderful gathering at our house yesterday to celebrate the upcoming Canada Day.  We held it this weekend so as not to clash with next weekend's 4th of July celebrations.  Our friends pulled out all the stops and we had poutine, shrimp broil, maple leaf jello shots, pineapple from their own yard.  And that is not mentioning all the effort they went to in red and white or Canadian shirts etc. We ordered extra large pizzas and made pancakes and canadian bacon and when we were cleaning up there was not a scrap of any food left over, everyone enjoyed it so much and there was just the right amount for everyone.  And then of course there was the moosehead beer, the Labatts and my famous perennial signature party cocktail Falling Water (a refreshing cucumber vodka sprite beverage).  Photos below capture all the FUN perfectly. 


Patsy Cline Museum and Nashville SC v Toronto FC at the Nissan Stadium

 So, Patrick's primary goal for Nashville was to go to a football match.  Mine was to see the Patsy Cline Museum.   Photos of both below. 

I loved the Museum.  Full of wonderful exhibits and lots of listening stations and mini films.  An overall lovely museum.

MLS soccer match.  Disappointing result of 3-2 to Nashville but, hey, can't complain about seeing 5 live goals.  It was a great fun evening.

Union Station Hotel Nashville, Marriott, Autograph Collection


As you can see from the photos, the hotel we stayed in was simply beautiful. And as for our stunning room, sigh.  Pity it was haunted though.....


Story is here.

A music and drinking town

We had a lot of fun in Nashville and stayed out/up much longer/later than we normally do.  That being said we did find Broadway a tad noisy and too wild for us.  The best day was when we went out during the day (read morning!!!).  We had a glass of bubbly with breakfast (sure why not, weren't we on our holidays) and then set off downtown.  We ended up in a fun self styled dive bar called Paradise Park with a fun band playing to just us and a few other customers.  Sitting there, relaxing, listening to country music and having a few drinks was just a really nice way to while away the time.

A quick drink in The Flying Saucer beside our hotel and then an afternoon nap set us for the evening (of our nice Chinese meal out)

Nashville fudz

We ate loooooooads in Nashville and it was all awesome!

In no particular order:

Superb breakfasts in the hotel.  I got a Tennessee sausage omelette everyday.  Patrick started with a full breakfast on day 1, but agreed his taste of my omelette was the best.  On day 2 he got an egg and sausage breakfast croissant which we split in half and I gave him half of my omelette.  On the last day, he ordered himself the omelette! Lol

Nashville hot chicken.  We went to Hattie B's on Broadway.  Yes it is touristy, but wow it was amazing.  We got a breast and thigh of chicken on the bone.  Heat wise we went medium.  And three sides: mac and cheese, collard greens and cheesy bacon grits.  We went full out Southern and it was a success!

Lamb burger: Before the football match on Wednesday evening we split an incredible lamb burger.  Massive thumbs up.  If I was to pick a favourite, out of the whole trip, I think this would be it.

Last night/nice dinner out: We went for Dim Sum in a fancy Chinese restaurant and each one was better than the next.  

All in all, I can definitely say that Nashville is an eating and drinking (see next blog) town!