Wednesday 23 February 2022

Crab claw party!

In no particular order, in fact in completely random order I present some photos of a lovely neighbour's gathering to you!

It's been another slow stone crab season, so it took us a while to stockpile enough crab claws for a party but we eventually got there.  Crab claws with key lime mustard and devilled eggs.  And for dessert; Feliz brought a cobbler and Lisa a key lime pie!
For beverages we drank cava, beer and La Croix.

A fun, fun evening.  Enjoy the photos!


Valentine's Day 2022

Okay so look, I hold up my hand, I like Valentine's Day.  I really don't care that some people don't,  and think it is cheesy etc.  Me, I just feel it is nice to stop and celebrate someone else and your relationship together.

I think I make it easy for Patrick...every year I always say that all I need or want for Valentine's is a nice card and something heart shaped.  By SOMETHING, I mean CHOCOLATE. Lol

To be fair he always does something else nice: cooks a lovely dinner at home or brings me out for dinner.  Well, this year was something special and COOL. He ordered deep dish pizza from Chicago!!!
How awesome and fun is that!  And divine. It tasted divine.  My contribution was the bottle of wine....Eight Years in the Desert/Orin Swift.  And then of course chocolate dessert.

A wonderful February 14, 2022


What's been going on


I visited Benihana's for the first time ever

"twas a fun night celebrating Emily's birthday

Precisely 13 weeks after I sent this, my "Christmas parcel" arrived home in Dublin to my parent's house.  Great excitement ensued, and it turned out that everyone enjoyed getting Christmas presents in February lol.

My friend Katrina called bingo again at The Green Parrot (in aid of Sister Season)

Isabelle and I went along to support.  We didn't win Bingo but we did end up with plenty of jello shots so I guess we did win afterall??!

Sunday 13 February 2022

Boat life

I had to go into work for a few hours today on the weekend.  I thought I would be in and out, but (won't bore you with the details) because of technology issues that affected a guest, ending up having to stay longer.  This was along with having to go in yesterday too, to take care of a few things in the office.

So when I came out today and got on my bike my mind slightly felt down and I was reminded of times back in Dublin when I would have also worked on Saturday's and Sunday's.  But as I cycled along Eaton Street, up Palm Avenue, and stopped at the top of the hill overlooking Garrison Bight it reminded me just how different my life is now. A flavour of my weekend (in between the stints of work) is below.

On Saturday we went out for a wonderful fishing trip, further than we had ever gone before.  Patrick went out with his friend recently who showed him this spot and how to use his Garmin to get there.  And he did it!  It was very exciting to be so far away from land and in an area I had not fished before.  Between us we caught two nice porgy and Patrick landed a BIG plump lane snapper.  And I hooked a starfish!!!!  Pulled up my line and there was a beautiful starfish hanging like a christmas tree decoration.  This photo was an attempt to capture it but instead it caught the moment it fell off my hook....if you look really closely you can see one of it's arms in the bottom left hand side of the photo! My face shows my feelings about not getting the photo lol.

And guess what we are for dinner that night instead of take out?! Fresh fish!!!!
Then today, the weather was SO BAD this morning that really it was an unexpected bonus that we got out this afternoon.  I cycled in to work, stayed for the few hours and then headed to the yacht club where I met Patrick.  We zipped out to the crab traps and pulled up this haul of 7 good size stone crab claws.  Delighted!

This is our docking spot.  Note the hose pipe connected to the engine.  We are flushing it out with freshwater to get rid the salty sea water and clean out any dirt etc.  It was really nice in the yacht club and we took our time hosing and scrubbing the boat and with the engine flushing.  Case in point: see how relaxed and smiley Patrick looks :)

 Long story short, let that be the last negative thought to go through my head for some time yet!

Pigsy show in Effusion Gallery, Key West - third piece sold!

 Effusion Gallery on the world-famous Duval Street is currently presenting a showcase of about ten or so artworks by Irish artist Pigsy. I was delighted to stop by recently to get a last view of "Expel", which, recently sold and is heading off to it's new USA home.

Expel - filled with complexities, it interrogates emotional maturity.  It's a stand out piece, vibrant in color, and I like it a lot.  I am glad that I got to see it in person for that one last time.

Pigsy at Effusion Gallery:
Effusion Gallery is open 7 days a week, 10am - 8pm.  Open until 10pm at the weekends
701 Duval Street

Sunday 6 February 2022

Artisan Bread

One of life's little delights is a sandwich dipped into soup.  Convince me otherwise.
And throw in a newspaper.  Well hello baby, I am in heaven.

We recently found a new place for lunch (and bread!) and have started going quite regularly.  Cole's Peace which is located in The Restaurant Store on Eaton Street describes themselves as an artisan bread bakery, and I suppose for Key West this is true. 
I sound a little scathing about KW don't I?  Hmm, how best to say this.  Okay! So, Key West likes to think it is a "foodie" town...and if you are a tourist here for a few days....yes, you will find some great food.  If you live here...will you regularly find something great and new and delicious to try?  No.  Simple as.  Key West is small, and compared to Chicago or New York etc, over time (very quickly) you end up having tried everywhere and running out of new places.

But hey!  Don't get me wrong!  It is still Paradise.  I still love every single day of living here.  But the food is what it is.

Ps. I really recommend Cole's Peace.  Their soup is DIVINE and sandwiches are varied and flavoursome.  And lovely people working there - great service. Definite thumbs up from me.