Saturday 30 December 2023

More Christmassy Stuff and Other Stuff

 I see that my last blog was December 11th,  so here we go on a small wrap up of some of what I got up to over the last three weeks.  I hate when I don't blog at leas weekly because it means I miss things. This month being an example of that...

Found an animal carrier for Buddy in the Salvation Army.  $10.  Made in Italy.  I then saw it on Amazon for $40 new so I was pretty pleased buying it second hand.  One of my resolutions for 2024 is to thrift/buy secondhand more: less landfill

Last blog I mentioned my instagram Christmas Tree little project.  This is Patrick and Buddy's addition to the album.

When I unpacked the Christmas decorations I found Patrick's childhood bear "George".  Buddy loved him!

Went to a gingerbread making house thingy with the Squad :) There were three prizes up for grabs and our table got two! Nicki won best "Key West" themed house.  And I won best costume lol.  I just threw on an apron over my dress and called myself "1980's mom on Christmas Day"

We drank this wine with the special wine label with Patrick's mam and dad.  They loved the label....little did they know that I had a bottle with a special label for them and Aisling later that December! No photo am afraid, sorry :( 

I made 120 "teddy beds" for my work Christmas party for dessert.

Packed nicely into three boxes!

They were a hit!

Work Christmas party

Bill and Feliz were invited to the hotel party too!

I bought special label wines for my colleagues for Christmas!

Holiday season = Baileys Coffee every morning

Christmas Day arrived!

Another lovely Christmas day hosted by us :)

Yesterday evening I prepped this baby (brisket) and popped it in the fridge for the night.  Today we smoked it for 2 hours and it was great!! We had it for dinner this evening.  And tomorrow when we go fishing we will bring brioche bread brisket sandwiches!

Happy New Year, dear readers!

Monday 11 December 2023

Christmassy stuff!

My tree is up!
We didn't do any decorations this year because of that bold cat.  I think it works out "okay" because of the white tree, a green ornamentaless tree might look more odd.  It was quite effortless I have to say. I may never do decorations again lol!!!

A couple of years ago (during covid) I started a little project of asking all my friends to pose with their tree and send to me.  I recorded the photos in an instagram album.  Since then, I have continued the tradition and the little fun project has really grown to something lovely, I believe.
Plus, please send me a pic if you would like to be included!

For more Christmassy stuff, why not check out my twin's blog where her and her husband have come up with a mad little Christmas sandwich competition where they travel all over Dublin tasting and scoring sandwiches to find the "Best Christmas Sandwich This Year".  Apparently, they have been doing it for the last few years but this is the few years that she has documented it in her blog.

Teddy bears tucked up in bed

I made another batch of teddy grahams in pastry

I was much more precise with my measurements as you can see!

How addorable

Finished product was so much better than first batch, I think you will agree?!
I brought them into work and everyone thought they were just adorable

Jamon Iberico de Bellota

Wow! December 11th and I have not blogged much at all.  Lots going on but not many photos, which of course means I have forgotten it all so only three blogs coming up (including this one).

One of the main reasons that I have not blogged much is that Patrick's parents are here so we are busy with them during every evening which is very nice. 

Star of the show of their visit is that Patrick (again) bought a Jamon Iberico for us all in honour of their visit.  Pure divine, melt in your mouth.  A lot of work cutting it etc, but boy is it worth it.