Sunday 20 November 2022

My new favourite hotel

 It has been a dream of mine for about a decade or so to have stayed in The Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin. I would go for a drink in the bar, or gaze at it as I walked by, and dream about an overnight stay.

Back in June/July of this year that dream was fulfilled and it really was as lovely as I thought it would  be. It also was just lovely staying right in the heart of Dublin and going our for dinner etc and then back to the fab hotel.

Well this weekend gone, The Shelbourne has been surpassed and I have found my new favourite. The (Fairmont) Royal York in Toronto! 

The lobby in the afternoon when we arrived to check in

The lobby the day after, when I guess they put up their Christmas decorations, while we were sleeping.

Beautiful tree in centre of the hotel!

So, when I told Patrick it was my favourite hotel he said...really?? More than The Shelbourne?? More than The Powerscourt Hotel.  He also affirmed that he thinks the Powerscourt is his favourite. 

And while yes, undoubtedly the Powerscourt Hotel is just beautiful...

(Not our room...Lounge area!!)

...and we did have the most amazing upgraded room! Whereas, in both The Shelbourne and The Royal York, our rooms were the very standard and SMALL!!!

But as I said to Patrick. "Yes, powerscourt is fab. And indeed, it is in the middle of the beautiful Irish countryside"
And that's when it hit me "well of course you love the Powerscourt hotel, it is in the middle of the country. And of course I love the Royal York, it is in the middle of the city"

Town mouse versus Country mouse

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Fantasy Fest & Halloween in Key West 2021

The Halloween season started for me, with a late invitation to go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I tried to scramble together a costume but was really struggling, until the night before when I decided I would go as BRAD!!!  Although, when I posted this on facebook, a few people commented that they have always thought myself and my twin look like a young Susan Sarandon.  What a compliment! Yoink, I'll take it! 

Myself and two friends dressed as Janets.  We had a lovely cocktail in The Saint before heading over to the Tropic movie theatre.


I went solo to see the Bum Farto musical.  It was a cute and funny production!  Great dancing.  Is it Broadway standard? No! But it was great for Key West.  And I love the San Carlos Theatre where it was shown.  A very enjoyable evening.


Tutu Tuesday!

Patrick and I ventured downtown as we always do for Tutu Tuesday.  It is always one of our most enjoyable events of Fantasy Fest.  It is fun people watching and check out their costumes.

We popped up to Halo to say hi to Paul

Bumped into my friends Isabelle and Emily as we Always Do, Every Year.  Fun!

A classic photo snapped outside Sloppy Joe's


We then laid low because knew needed to conserve energy for Saturday! The big event!!!

For the first time ever The Saint entered a float into the parade!  I took charge of organizing it and came up with a simple ideas of a vintage car and some cute angels.

My friend Bill's 1974 Corvette Stingray! Just beautiful

First!  A meet & greet for hotel guests.  

Have you ever seen a happier smile?

What a fun, fun day!!!


I made a little newsletter of all the events going on in The Saint during the week. 


A good old Irish home (Amy) made costume lol!


My little munchkin in her costume - she is a pint of Guinness :)  
A bit of side eye thrown in for good measure


Leia.  My niece...

...remind you of anyone?