Wednesday 28 July 2021

Bel Mare, Key West

Visited Alonzos and the new Bel Mare down in the historic seaport district.  Bel Mare gets a massive thumbs up from me - high end Italian dining with a beautiful view of Key West marina.  A lovely evening all in


Olympic Games Mona McSharry

Enjoyed being able to watch Mona McSharry represent Ireland and swim in the 100m breastroke LIVE - compared with all the Irish who would have had to get up at 3am to see it.  She came 8th.  8th in the world!  Go Mona!


You've been ducked


Found this little guy on the jeep in the Publix car lot!

Round up / random pics


Picked up some of those religious candles for Sheila when I spotted them in the dollar store.  I've asked her to pray for the covid - this bloody Delta variant and all those who aren't getting vaccinated

Lane Snapper
Lovely dinner cooked by Patrick

Road trip to Cudjoe Key to get fishing supplies and I got my Baby's Coffee on the way

We ate in a cute little new Italian in town - Bruschetta Francesca.  That is Francesca pictured

Biggest grunt caught on the baby boat! Woo hoo

Girls night out - Half Shell Raw Bar

Lovely evening spent chatting, eating and drinking at Half Shell Raw Bar.

And Isabelle found a pearl in one of her oysters!!!


Hanging out at The Venetian (Emily's house)

Ate Klondikes

Met a new friend! Steph on the right

Cute story.  Stephanie met her husband (AJ) through/on a reality TV Show!  Married at First Sight.  Three years later and going strong. Awesome!

Nicest pool ever

Katrina bought me this!! How lovely

Night fishing

It was not planned that Vic and I would dress like Mr & Mrs Canada

Patrick's friend Vic came and visited for a few days.  Enjoyable time!  Patrick and Vic got out on the water a good bit, and I joined them for night fishing....which the lest said the better.  It was bad.  No fish whatsoever


Casino night! Key West fundraiser for Sister Season

 Ugh! I've a ton of blogs to catch up on.  So, apologies in advance, the next few blogs might be more photos than words.

Sister Season held their annual fundraiser casino night and it was terribly good fun.  Plus always a good excuse to dress up.

Monday 12 July 2021

Tropical Storm Elsa

Tropical Storm Elsa blew in and out last Tuesday and like every storm to date we were better prepared in advance and learnt something for next time.  Patrick drove me to work just as it arrived and it was wild enough. We then basically just both worked through the storm and by the time I cycled home at 5pm what just remained were some strong gusts of wind but nothing major.  No power loss so that was good for Patrick, no internet down etc, but he did have the house shut up for the whole day and he said things did get pretty wild in the back garden at times.

We had sand bags on one or two doors on the outside and dam bags on every single door on the inside.  I really like these things and I might order some more... I wonder is there any chance they would hold the water out in the event of a big one???  We also put our clamshell shutters down but did not put storm shutters on the rest of the house.  I love the clamshells so much. 70 years old and still work perfectly.  So quick and easy to put down and up.  Sometimes simple technologies are the best.

Sunday 11 July 2021

Fourth of July 2021


We had joined friends down at the beach beside White Street Pier for a July 4th gathering before the fireworks, and had a really lovely time.  The fireworks this year were phenomenal it has to be said. All in all a really nice evening.