Sunday 17 November 2013

Nando's, Blanchardstown

My first time going to Nando's and I liked it a lot.

1/4 chicken, corn and mash potato. Plus bottomless soda.

Good value I think.

Mao, Chatham Row

I popped into Mao (asian food chain) on Chatham Row for a spot of lunch during the week.

I ordered a thai green curry and while I don't think it was very green (see pic) it was certainly very delicious.  And hot!  I love hot!

They also have free wifi which was great.  
I was on my own so I browsed on my ipad while enjoying my hot curry.

Christmas preparation planning meeting

Mary and Kasey held a Christmas planning meeting on Friday.
It was very serious business as you can see - the Christmas china and coasters were out, and mince pies served - so that we were all in the mood and Christmas focussed.

A good plan is now in place and hooray I am on canapes.  
If you recall I posted about my plans for my canapes previously.  I am excited about them.

Thursday 14 November 2013

Cease and Desist - a very short book review

I had a spare hour in the library so I quickly read this book - it's very small.
It's a great story, and a thoroughly entertaining account of an Irishwoman's battle with the Disney corporation.
It tells the story of the creation, by Denise Fitzpatrick, of an old seanchai pig called Piggley Pooh and his adventures as a young pig with his farmland friends. Denise and her husband Francis were busy selling the concept of Piggley as an animated series, around Europe, when Disney got wind of it and started a Cease & Desist action against the couple - based on an apparent likeness to the Disney owned character Winnie the Pooh.
What Disney have in money they obviously lack in common sense. Aside from the name Pooh I can't fathom any other similarity between the bear called Winnie and the pig called Piggley. And that may well be why, in the end, the Fitzpatrick's won over Disney.
All in all an entertaining little read but I did find the author's supercillious and egotistical tone grating at times.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Christmas Canape planning

I am planning some canapes for Christmas.

This year I am going to really focus on the presentation.
I am thinking of serving all the food as little mini bites or in little mini glasses.

These are schnaps glasses from Ikea.  I was preferably looking for mini martini glasses but they are quite expensive so this is a nice budget alternative.
An Irish staple at Christmas is brown bread and smoked salmon - I am thinking of doing a "deconstructed" version in these glasses!

I think these will be perfect for a cold soup/gazpacho (Ikea again)

And finally! I bought these small cute kiln jars today,
I will use these for hummous dips with veg crudites.

Aren't they adorable!
I've put them beside a carton of juice below to show you their scale

The Red Cups are here!!

The red cups are here!  Christmas season has started :-)

Myself, Enid and Lydia enjoyed a Toffee Nut latte, Eggnog latte, and a regular coffee.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Newbridge Museum of Style Icons

Yesterday myself, Enid & Lydia went out to Newbridge to see the Museum of Style Icons.  It was very enjoyable but one (small) critcism is it is more of an exhibition than a museum.  Or definitely it is a "small" museum.

They have tonnes of costumes and artefacts from the likes of Angelina Joli, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, The Beatles, The rat pack, The Jackson Five, Michael Flatley, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Streisand and many more!
There is also many many black and white photographs of style icons throughout the years.

As I said, enjoyable...and FREE which is great.

There is also a large store and showroom of all the beautiful Irish Newbridge Silver.  Lydia bought some gifts for her friends back in Oman.

I have a selection of photographs below - enjoy!

Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley

A Catherine Walker dress for Princess Diana

Beautiful dress designed by the famous Irish designer Sybil Connolly.

Silver corsetted mini dress/outfit worn by Yasmin Le Bon (the "face of Newbridge Silver in 2006 & 2007)

I remember this ad well!
To me, it represents and epitomises the strength of a woman.

Audrey Hepburn dresses.  She was TINY!!!!
The white dress was worn for her daughters christening (I think it is Givenchy) it is the size of an eleven year old's dress in my opinion. Beautiful on her - see photo of her wearing in down at the bottom of the skirt on the left.

No blurb needed here for the King of Pop!

New (travelling) exhibition of props from the Lord of the Rings films.