Sunday 3 April 2022

Newish...but not nice...rolls eyes


For a whle now we have been struggling with this sofa.  I know it looks TERRIBLE, but actually, it's not.  It is very comfortable.  And I feel back in it's day it was a very "good" couch i.e. expensive.

BUT! Yes, it is scruffy and awful.  It was like that when we moved in and being quite honest our bold little cat has made it worse.

As a quick temporary fix I ordered a cover on amazon.

I don't hate it.  But I certainly do not love.  The color was described as "champagne" but ugh, to me looks more like mustard.

I really am a loss, but heck, it will do for now. Full stop.

Seafood Festival, Bayview Park, Key West

After a two year covid hiatus, the Florida Keys Commercial Fisherman's Association seafood festival is back!  Held in Bayview Park about a 5 minute's stroll from our house which is handy.

Yesterday we watched a Rolling Stones cover band, ate Key West pinks (peel and eat shrimp) and enjoyed an adult beverage or two ;) And today, we went back for lunch of lobster tail, fried fish, rice and black beans!  Another good music performance too.

An adorable little festival!