Friday 12 April 2024

Eclipse 2024

An exciting day seeing a 45% partial eclipse in Key West.  Without the glasses there was nothing going on - maybe a slight haziness versus a darkness.  But boy, with the glasses...what an amazing experience.  I put on the glasses and it was so dark (PITCH BLACK) that I initially thought they weren't working. And then, I turned to the sun and with blackness (still) all around I saw the bring sun with a chunk taken out of it by the moon.  I GASPED! And then passed the glasses to my colleague and she too gasped.  Unbelievable.  I've never seen anything like it, and I guess it could be another 20 years before I see it again.  

I leave you with beautiful photo of sunset at Shannon Estuary, taken by my sister Katie on the same day of the eclipse in the USA



How about this for a bit of a mad co-incidence?! (Twincidence as we like to call them lol)

On Sunday, I see on Enid's instagram story that she got flowers. From a girl

I immediately sent her a text:

Want to guess what I got today?

Back to Seven Fish

Took a jaunt back to Seven Fish and better experience this time round.  Skipped the appetizers (really did not like them last time) and just got a nice Entree dish each.  Patrick got his favourite of a Seafood Marinara (mahi mahi, shrimp and baby clams).  I got the mahi mahi gnocchi with mushrooms in a bleu cheese sauce.  I got a Malbec. Patrick a Cabernet Sauvignon.
Done and done.  It was a very enjoyable Thursday evening,


Tuesday 2 April 2024

Old Dominion

Old Dominion were in town and were scheduled to play Friday, Saturday and Sunday night but when a storm blew in for Friday night they shifted to cancelling that show and squeezing in a 11.30am Sunday show!!!!  

Sounds crazy, but actually really worked! With four support acts before they came on it felt like sunny fun festival weekend kind of thing.

Beautiful location

Great stage

Great show!

Taste of Key West 2024

Delighted to report that the Taste of  Key West 2024 was as good as ever - if not even better.  

Scallop from Lola's
Wild Boar from Lola's

Lobster Mac & Cheese from 915

Lobster roll from new lobster/crab shack on Duval that I can't remember the name of :(

Mahi Mahi...can't remember what restaurant eek

Not pictured
Cerviche and Octopus
Giant Meatball from Tavern'n'Town

Obligatory photo - we have one from every year.  My crappy phone camera strikes again lol!

See you next year Taste of Key West!