Thursday, 28 September 2023

Key West eats...

Back at Bel Mare for another lovely Saturday evening date.  We switched out the ceviche for the mussels and I don't think I have ever had nicer.  The tomatoes were a taste explosion, juicy and delicious.  It was just all fabulous, so much so we are going back for one last time this Saturday coming.

Monday evening I took myself off for a Margarita and chicken wings!

No pics... But we enjoyed a sneaky little Santiago's Bodega of tapas and a glass of wine each last night.  It was very good but to be honest we didn't order well....Too much, too rich.  Nobody's fault except ourselves...

So!  Yes, Bel Mare once more and then I am going on diet/off carbs for 28 days:  Fantasy Fest is coming and I am in the parade again this year!  Watch this space for details of the costume etc

Monday, 18 September 2023

Lilly Girl

I'm so bored with shopping lately that if I see something I like, I just buy it in multiple colours.  The Lilly Pulitzer online sale was last week, co-inciding with me identifying that I need some light casual Throw-On summer dresses.  So when I saw these at a good price, I hit Purchase.  I am delighted with them all, in particular I like the pattern on the first one - it is maps of Florida and various vacation spots with of course Key West being featured


Cole's Peace / The Restaurant Store is closing

Sometimes on a Monday, because I don't work on this day, I will go pick up something nice for Patrick and I for lunch together.  On other Monday's I get myself sushi from Fausto's and he looks after himself (generally a sandwich from Miami Grill).  Over the weekend I mentioned to him that we really should get back to Cole's Peace before it closed for good and that maybe I would get us the nice fancy sandwich we like from there.

While there I snapped a few photos for posterity.  The b&w photos and newspaper articles were pinned to the wall for as long as I remember.  It seems that before Cole's and The Restaurant Store was in this building it was a car dealershop in the 50's and 60's.

I also bought Patrick some wholegrain bread which he loves.  He is going to store it in the freezer and eat it a slice or two at a time over the next while.

Peace out to a great bakery and sandwich cafe.  We will miss you, Cole's Peace!

Photo taken September 18 2023


Weekend Eats

 While I try and keep my carbohydrate intake low, if I am going to throw caution to the wind, it is going to be the weekend...

Patrick and I had a lovely date Saturday early evening at Martin's - we shared tapas of shrimp on skewers, tuna takaki, lobster bisque and this beautiful pate country plate.  We both ordered a house wine - Patrick's Pinot Noir was nice but my Cabernet Sauvignon was just so so, I should have gone for the Merlot I think...

On Sunday I took myself and my Chiguana shirt out for a margarita mmmm!

And, ALL the carbs. Eeek.  Pretzel bites with a beer cheese dip.  Brisket mac and cheese to finish me off.

Nope.  I wasn't quite finished.  I came home and had a little slice of Key Lime Pie.

Funny story.  So they come with the little white chocolate disc shaped like a lime.  And for the past 4 years I have been taking off the pie immediately and eating it.  Last week I owned up to Patrick about this and he was just shocked with me.  He thought it was just a decoration/inedible.  Lol.  He said he was mad with me but he was just teasing - he doesn't like white chocolate anyway.

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Hair cut...

Cut and Colour by my hairdresser extraordinaire, Lee from Ireland.  Yes, I got about 5 inches chopped off! Makes a difference


On a pure whim I decided to go down to the Key West Theater on Sunday evening and that if they had tickets left for their show I would go! (Okay, so Sunday Night Football is back so I may or may not have been a little bored ahahahahahahaha!!!)

The show was 1964 The Beatles Tribute band and they were just wonderful. An impeccable sound, just like a Beatles record, and all round great entertainment.  Well worth the admission price, I had a lovely night of listening to one of my all time faovorites.

Saturday - a fabulous day

As usual, up early and out fishing.  We hit a spot early and hooked a mahi early but lost it just at the last moment before bringing on board.  Heartbreaking.  Looked big too!
Anyway 10 minutes later we caught this guy which we were very happy with.  Brought him home and filleted him for Sunday dinner.

I always get around Patrick by committing to getting up early for fishing (versus me laying in bed drinking coffee while I wake up), that in exchange he buys me a chicken sandwich for lunch.

Popeyes is back in Key West after some time being closed and I am so happy.  I get the spicy sandwich with EXTRA sauce. Mmmm.  Patrick gets the blackened (plain, not spicy)/

And then that evening we had the most beautiful evening in Bel Mare where we shared a bottle of one of our favourites (Orin Swift Locations - CA) and some fabulous food.