Sunday 28 February 2016

Flash Harry

Here is Harry on sentry duty outside the house yesterday. 
I then tried to take a selfie with him but he wasn't feeling it and walked off on me. 

Hot pink Nespresso

Yesterday morning I  drove over to Enid for my election special trip. 
I bought her a little gift of these hot pink limited edition nespresso capsules which we enjoyed with baileys while watching the election results.
How cute are these? 

Twin testing

Do you remember sometime back that Enid and I took part in a twin study in UCD?
As part of the study they collected a saliva sample from us both. This sample was used for zygosity testing, to confirm if we are identical or non-identical twins. The sample was sent to EasyDNA, which is an ISO17025 and AABB accredited laboratory.
Based on the EasyDNA analysis, it was confirmed that Enid and I are identical twins. The percent probability of monozygosity is 99.9999997%.
            Below is the official sibling zygosity determination results from EasyDNA.
Below is one of my favourite photos of Enid and I from our childhood. I remember well the day this was taken.  We were over in my mam and dads friends house and this was in their back garden, we are sitting on an old abandoned morris minor car seat.  I remember how uncomfortable it was for us both to fit on it for the photo. 
I think that is me on the left and Enid on the right but I cannot be 100% certain  - maybe 99.9% :-)
Going by this photo it's not really a surprise is it that we are identical twins eh?! :-)

Saturday 27 February 2016

Frenetic Friday

 General Election day yesterday and I was up early to vote -  I headed over at about 9am where as they say "voting was brisk"
I then met Enid at the towncentre at 9.30am and we walked over to our friends house for a lovely breakfast.
How beautiful was Svetlana's table setting?!
Our hostess made the most beautiful pancakes.   I was watching for tips and noticed that she was using a much thinner batter than I would have thought possible and swirled it around the pan, plus cooked it at a lower temperature.  I guess more like a crepe.  I am going to try make them like this next time I cook pancakes.
We had a lovely morning chatting.  And then for reasons I know not we took some photos of ourselves and a large chimp teddy bear.  Lol :-)
I reckon a large chimp is the perfect accessory for making oneself look thin.  I need to carry this guy around all the time.
Afterwards Enid and I went into town where I called to the Irish Rail taxsaver office to get a replacement rail card because I have foolishly lost mine.  I am still so mad with myself.
We then headed out of the city on the train - we went to both Blackrock and Dun Laoghaire (and had something to eat in Dun Laoghaire).
This is the view from the footbridge over the tracks in Blackrock train station.  Down the left bottom hand of the photo is the old (19th century) Blackrock baths (outdoor public swimming pool) 

Tuesday 23 February 2016

New vinyl

Today I bought some new records for the princely sum of €1 for the James Last on the left and the massive sum of €3 for the Chris de Burgh.
There's some good songs on the CdB
But even better on the James Last!
Looking forward to making my next party last with this baby! :-) 

What I'm reading

"With Hemingway"
The true story of a young man who wanted to be a writer, who hitchhiked his way from Minnesota down to Key West to meet Ernest Hemingway,  And who ended up spending a year with the man he admired as the greatest writer alive.

Sunday 21 February 2016

Sunday brunch

I met with Enid and Alice this morning for brunch and a good old catch up.  We ran way over (although not that any of us were on an agenda) and we all said we could have stayed talking for hours more. 
Afterwards Enid and I went into Penneys where we bought a few bits and pieces for Key West in May.  I especially like the nautical inspired flip flops.
A tenner all in!  Where would you be going?! 

Saturday 20 February 2016

An Island State of Mind

 It's 2pm on Saturday and already I've done a lot this weekend.
Yesterday evening after work I met up with Enid and we went for some nibbles in Rockets on Baggot Street.  We then went to her house and did hot tub.  It was a freezing cold eve, windy and wild, perfect for the hot tub.  It was so windy and wild that I just couldn't face the bus all the way home so I ended up staying the night there which was nice.
This morning I got up with Enid because she was going in to work and she dropped me off in Drumcondra.  I had a nice coffee in a coffee shop and read the newspaper and then I jumped on the train to Pearse Station. I wanted to go to The Celtic Note for a particular (C&W) dvd but was sad to find it is CLOSED and GONE!!! Instead I went to Marks and Spencers and treated myself to some nice lingerie. 
Beside Marks & Spencers I saw this lovely window display in Tommy Hilfiger
Reminds me of Key West!  I will be in an Island State of Mind come May this year :-)
I got the 11.40am train home and now I am here ensconced on the couch watching Terminator 2: Judgement Day which is one of my favourite films.  

Vintage cadburys ad

 Approximately 2 years ago I blogged about an old vintage ad that looked like it had been uncovered in Pearse Station. 
I write today to give an update on it.  The old ad seems to have been removed or else maybe covered up with a copy/reproduction of the old ad. 
I am not sure about it to be honest.  I can see the join lines where it is 3 pieces made into one which I don't like.  I still think they should have just preserved the old from further deterioration "as is".
Have a read of my original blog here
What do you think?

Thursday 18 February 2016

The Finest Hours - a film from Walt Disney

Yesterday after work I took the Luas (eeugh! the less about that the better) out to Dundrum shopping centre to see the premiere screening of the The Finest Hours,
The red carpet was nicely decorated with marine/coastguard safety equipment
There was a drinks reception on beforehand.  I arrived a bit late to get a glass of vino but I did get some Butlers chocolates (nyom!)
It is a wonderfully gripping and compelling film,,,
....with a  great cast - Chris Pine and one of my favourite actors Casey Affleck (nyom!) 
Ok back to the film Amy!
It's based on the true story of the greatest small boat rescue in the history of the United States Coast Guard which co-incidentally took place Exactly Today 64 years ago.  Incredibly dramatic with a wonderful end, I thoroughly recommend this film.

Sunday 7 February 2016

Gone Fishin'!

Yesterday Enid and I met in Ikea for a catch up with each other and a browse.  We were very good and didn't buy a big load of stuff we don't one usually does in Ikea!
What we bought was some Nackten hand towels.  We bought the smallest size of 30cm x 50cm costing just 50c each.  Bargain :-)
We  bought 3 each and will use them in Key West in May when we go fishing - as fishing rags.  Fishing is pretty dirty - touching the bait when putting it on the hook and touching the fish when you catch one! It is nice to have a rag tucked into the waist band of your shorts to wipe your hands on and these Ikea small hand towels are perfect for the job.

Now that's customer service!

 I met with Enid today for a potter around town.  We were both a bit hungry and she suggested we get something from the deli counter in Dunnes Stephens Green as they also have a new little sitting area where we could sit and eat.  This suited me fine because I had scooted through Dunnes Stores during the week and had seen their (impressive!) revamp and wanted to have a good look around at it - at the Paul Costelloe stuff in particular.
So we went downstairs to the food supermarket which has been revamped as well - it now has a feel of an upmarket New York grocery store/deli.  I really like it.
This is the greengrocer section.
And in the background is the fishmonger and the cheesemonger (Sheridans).
Here's a picture of Enid in the "scene of the crime" where yours truly had an accident and where some staff of Dunnes truly excelled themselves.
We were enjoying our little deli lunch when I knocked over my drink and liquid went flying everywhere *embarrassed face*.  Suddenly out of nowhere there were two if not three staff (lead by one particularly great man) reassuring me they'd look after it.  My drink was replaced as if by magic, the mess was quickly and efficiently cleaned away.  And while I was embarrassed when it happened it was dealt with so quickly and efficiently and NICELY I felt a lot better about the whole situation. Enid and I both commented that we felt the staff went "above and beyond". 
Well done!  And THANK YOU!
On the way out we spotted these birthday cakes - ranging from €13 to €16.  They are decorated fabulously and they are really substantial - they are a "tall" style of cakes (3 layers??) which you don't see often in Ireland.  They reminded me of the cakes you see in American supermarkets (which I obviously love!)
So there you have it, a great shop newly done up, with beautiful cakes and great service!  What's there not to like?!

Saturday 6 February 2016

My Fitness Pal app

 After the excesses of Christmas I got an awful shock when I stood on the scales in January.  Since then I have been very strict with myself with the aid of a fantastic app called MyFitnessPal.
Every day I record what I eat for all my meals and snacks.  The app calculates the calories and keeps a total of how many calories I have eaten.  It's very easy to use - in particular there is a very handy barcode scanner which when you scan brings up all the details of the food.
You can also log any exercise done and it too calculates the calories for this. 
On a daily basis I am recording my weight and the good (great!) news is that since I started using the app, and keeping track of what I am eating I have lost 12lbs.   
According to the app if I continue eating the way I am at the moment I will have reached my goal (another 8lbs to go) in 5 weeks.
Calorie counting and watching what you eat is not a new way to lose weight.  But with this app it's definitely made easier.  I'd thoroughly recommend it. 
Why not try it and let me know how you get on?!