Sunday 30 August 2015

Modern Wife, Modern Life

 Myself, Enid and Kasey visited the last day of the Modern Wife, Modern Life exhibition in the National Print Museum today. 
We found it of interest (some items more than others), but would have liked a little more context to the exhibition - for example the Irish magazines and a comparative English magazine, or more on what was going on outside of Ireland at the time.
This book was donated by a couple who got married in 1964, it was given to them as a wedding gift from the priest who married them.
After viewing the exhibition we spent a little time in the print museum.  It's a cute little museum, with free entry or a  €2.50 cover for a guided tour.
I thought this was interesting! 

Sunday 23 August 2015

New espresso cups

 Enid and I were at ukulele hooley again today.  The concert was brilliant but as it was raining so bad we took a little break during it and pottered around the shops in Dun Laoghaire.
We found the cutest little espresso cups. Enid bought 4, I bought two.
 Here are the two I bought at the top of the pic - a cute little cat on the right and the one on the right with the words "in case of hangover add coffee"
I think they go well with my Knuttel cups and my (vintage) superman espresso cup.
You likey?

Saturday 22 August 2015

Ukelele Hooley

 What a day! 
Ok so firstly I woke up at 5am...not good...thankfully I fell back asleep until 9.17am precisely.  I think I was overtired from yesterday (staff charity abseil).
After a quick breakfast I headed into town to meet Enid.   Before meeting her I nipped off and checked a chore off my to do list - I scooted into the NCI for their open day and got some info on a course I am enrolling for in September.
I then met Enid!
The plan was to head out to Dun Laoghaire on the Dart to check out Ukulele Hooley.  Enid was saying that a lot of the events had been on that morning and then more on in the evening so there mightn't be much going on when we got out there.  We figured we'd go out anyway today just to enjoy the nice vibe that is Dun Laoghaire...and we'll go again tomorrow to the ukulele stuff.
"I hopped on the bus Dart to Dun Laoghaire, stopping off to pick up my guitar ukulele"
We pottered around Dun Laoghaire which is a really nice Victorian port town. Did a bit of shopping and watched some model/remote control boats and some real life sailing boats...that kind of thing. 
And then we went and visited the Lexicon which we've both wanted to see for a while.  It's pretty cool and while I would have said that I'm really not fond of its brutalist design, after seeing the inside I like it a lot better now. 
The weather was getting a bit rainy and windy and we were ready for (late) lunch so we headed back into town on the Dart. 
First we went to a music shop where Enid bought a really cool bag for her ukulele.
And then we went to lunch .  We went to Pitt Bros, I hadn't been for ages so really enjoyed it (as usual).
 It was announced during the week that Brown Thomas had opened their Christmas shop... as Enid just loooooooooooves Christmas we couldn't be in town without going there.
She was in her element!
She bought these two beautiful decorations - the one on the right for her, the one on the left for me.  Thank you Enid :-)
Seriously have you ever seen such a happy head as this!
We did a huge amount of walking!!!  We were wrecked.  So rather than going straight home I went with Enid to hers and we got in the hot tub.  I got a bus home at about 9pm this eve.
More fun stuff tomorrow with Ukulele Hooley part 2.

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Rose of Tralee evening

 I'd a lovely evening yesterday watching the The Rose of Tralee and hosting my aunt, cousin, cousin's wife and Enid.  I was nervous about doing the catering but I think it went well.
Self service coffee station
Drinks - with my lovely new (old) vintage pineapple ice cube holder
Flamingos, lemons and pineapple - I love tropical stuff!
Apple tart and cream (Thank you Enid for bringing this)
Brown bread and smoked salmon (nice and Irish)
Cream cheese drizzled in sweet chili sauce with melba toast
 And then way in the back on the right some whiskey glasses filled with Minstrels and M&M's for picking on during the show.
Nice evening all round. 
Ps. The Meath Rose won....

Sunday 16 August 2015

Gardening and socialising

It was a lovely Sunday morning so I headed out to do a little weeding in my front garden.  I did an hour or two and trimmed back my lawn into a nice even edge.  It looks good.
A lot of our neighbours were out and about so we chatted with them.
My next door neighbour sad he had a present for me if I'd use them
Four nice crystal whiskey glasses!
I will use these for whiskey, for cocktails or for serving ice cream in after dinner.
Not a bad day at all so far! 

Saturday 15 August 2015

Trainwreck - a review

 I had one of The Best Days Ever yesterday.  Enid had managed to get her little paws on two tickets to go see the Dublin premiere of Trainwreck as part of the Dublin International Film Festival.
Before the screening we grabbed a burger and some drinks in Thunder Road CafĂ© in Temple Bar. It was really good  I haven't been in there for about 15 years and I thought as a quick food option it delivered all we wanted.  It was also the perfect distance for a quick stroll down to the cinema.
The cinema had the big red carpet laid out and lots of paparazzi so that was fun walking into the foyer.
And then on to the real fun stuff!
The stars of the show - the actors and the director did a little Q&A before the film was shown.  It was hilariously funny - to be honest it was completely scripted and also (I thought anyway) apparent that they used different versions of it in each country on the tour - but my god it was funny.
They then scooted out a side door and we watched the film.  Earlier on that eve Enid had asked "how many times do you think they've seem the film????"  Them scooting out the door explains that!
The film!
I have never seen a comedy look so clean, sleek and sophisticated.  The cinematography was just beautiful. And while it captured the excitement of  New York, it was shot so wonderfully, that at times it reminded me of the intimacy of Dublin.
The central character Amy is charming, clever and likeable (as a lot of Amy's are! *smiley face*) and of course funny, so funny. The punch lines and jokes just kept coming and coming and frankly I just never stopped laughing LOUDLY throughout the film.  Some out there are saying they thought the film was a little long at 2 hours but I didn't think so.
The multiple cameos in this film are central to the storyline as you'll see, and work very well.  There is a really enjoyable cameo scene with Chris Evert, Matthew Broderick and Marv Albert.  There is also an hilarious cameo by Daniel Radcliffe.
Ok can I use any more superlatives about this film??  I think you get the message that I loved this film.
  So much so that today I tried dress like the Amy character :-)
You might also be interested in reading my twin's blog about the movie and our night out
When Enid and I are both blogging about the same subject we tend not to read each others before your own is finished (so that yours does not end up contaminated/the same as theirs).  Saying that sometimes the blogs end up quite similar anyway, it's very funny.  However our two posts about the movie are a little different today :-)
Have you seen this film yet?  If yes what did you think of it?
If not - go see! 

Tuesday 11 August 2015

What I've been reading

 I used to be an incredible reader.  When I was a young girl and a teenager I used to devour books at in incredible rate.  Things went bad in my 20's, and sad to say went even worse in my 30's.  But lately I have been doing much better and I am really pushing myself to get back into something I used to love so much.
First up was the fabulous Judy Blume's fabulous "In the Unlikely Event".  I thoroughly enjoyed this book although strangely enough it took me longer to get into than I thought it would.  Judy Blume sketches characters so well and the storyline is so interesting (based on a true story) that once I eventually started getting a hang of all the characters (there are a lot!) I was hooked.  An all round enjoyable read.

  I started reading this Monday during my lunchbreak and I finished it that evening.  A combination of a great story and a very quick read.  It's the epitome of a thriller and I'd also recommend this book to you if you have not read it already.
I am also in the middle of Mary Berry's autobiography, and a book by Paul Williams about the vile Graham Dwyer who murdered poor Elaine O'Hara.  Enjoying the Mary Berry one.  I am loathe to use the word "enjoy" for the other book bearing in mind the awful subject
I like to read multiple books at the one time as you can see,
I hope you enjoyed my mini reviews. Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you thought of them!

Sunday 9 August 2015

Sugar free coconut and vanilla ice-cream

So today I made this recipe for a sugar free treat.

Unfortunately I have to report it was not too my liking.  While I enjoyed the soft whip texture of the ice-cream, I found the flavour and sensation just too cloying and fatty (yes fatty) and just not sweet enough.  (Appreciate that's the whole point of !)

So the search continues for a sugar replacement treat.

Tuesday 4 August 2015

How to treat toenails fungus

Ok so if you don't like gross things turn away now!!!! No don't worry, I don't have any photos (unless you want them) but I do talk about the grossness that is fungal toenails.

I am ashamed to say that I have had a fungal infection on one of my big toes for about 15 years now. I went to the doctor about it 7 years ago who was next to near useless. She took some cuttings from it and sent it off for analysis to say it was not fungal and was an injury caused by something falling on it.  Eh, no I think I'd know if something fell on my big toe causing something as ugly as that!

So over the years I have tried A LOT of different treatments and cures with nothing really working. 

However, I am delighted to tell you that I have found something that is working!  The toenail is now clear at the base and the fungus is growing out and disappearing as I cut the nail shorter.  I reckon I have about a year left (of treating and growing) because toenails grow so slowly, but I can see a definite end in sight.

So what is this magic treatment.  Two items!
1. Hydrogen Peroxide* - available from your local pharmacy (ask the pharmacist for it if you don't see it on the shelf, they can order it in for you also).  The hydrogen peroxide I use is 5%.
2. Warm/hot water.  Yes that's just water!

*For easy application of the hydrogen peroxide you need to pour away the remains of an old nail varnish. Then clean out the bottle of nail varnish and the brush by rinsing out with nail varnish remover.  Then finally wash the bottle out with water and washing up liquid (dish detergent). Fill the bottle with hydrogen peroxide.

The treatment!
1. Soak your foot/toe in a basin of warm/hot water for about 20 minutes.  This is crucial to the process as it softens the toenail
2. Once your nail is soft, if there is any gunge (fungus) in behind the nail/on the nail bed, clean it out with a manicure tool.  You will need to do this every day.
3. Using a manicure tool slightly pry the nail out from the nail bed. Not so much it hurts or anything!!!  But just enough so that the brush with the hydrogen peroxide can go down behind the nail, right on to the nail bed. Apply by pushing the brush down between the nail and nail bed.
4. Let some drops of hydrogen peroxide drop behind the nail on to the nail bed.  "Press and Release" the nail against the bed to make sure it spreads out.
5. Paint the front of the nail with the hydrogen peroxide.

DO NOT OVERDO THE APPLICATION OF HYDROGEN PEROXIDE ONTO THE NAIL BED. It can hurt/throb if you apply too much in one go.  Better to do a small amount every day rather than a huge amount once or twice a week.

Repeat every day!  After two or three weeks you will start seeing a difference.  Keep treating!  It takes less than a half an hour all in.

Keep clipping the nail as far down as possible, clipping off as much of the infected part of the nail as possible.

Do you have fungal feet?!  Has anything worked for you? Let me know how you get on with this treatment please!

Please share this post!  Let's free the world of gross fungal feet! :-)

Ps.  Do you want to see a photo???  If you do I can post one!

Sunday 2 August 2015

Suggestions when planning a wedding

Earlier today I did a post on weddings and bathroom baskets which you might like to read. 

I also have been thinking about other things that I like at weddings and which may or may not be of use to you if you are planning a wedding.

Firstly I should say, obviously you have to go with your own personal choice, and what I have below is just my personal opinion.  Also, if the budget is unlimited then heck go with everything.  But this post might be of use to you if the budget is limited (as it generally is!). So it's kind of tips like, if you can only afford either this or that, well go with this. 

Spend money on things your guests will value.  For example not many people notice the flowers. It might be really important to you but will not be to many of your guests. Whereas food and drink will be noticed by your guests.  In my opinion!! 

Wedding favours - yes or no?!
My answer to that is yes AND no.  It all depends on what it is.  If it's not going to cost you anything - for example stones from the beach with names on them, then why not?
If it is going to cost you money then only go with favours for something that you guests will really like...otherwise I personally think you are wasting your money.  (Again, if there is no budget knock yourself out with wedding favours).
Good wedding favours, in my opinion: a mini bottle of alcohol (e.g. Baileys for the ladies, Jack Daniels for the men), a Newbridge silver Christmas decoration if a December wedding.
I personally always like the traditional Italian almonds for wedding favours.

Food before the wedding:
Provide some au d'oevres for your guests before dinner.  It's a long time between the church and dinner at Irish weddings.

Do not skip the toast drink. And definitely do not do wedding favours/photo booth over the toast drink.  You have been warned :-)

Do the speeches after the meal.  Once your guests are brought into the room where dinner is served, they expect food soon.
Give your speechmakers very specific instructions on how long speeches should take.  The full/total time for speeches in my opinion should be 45 minutes.
I like the idea of speeches being done during the reception before the meal.   Why not? You don't have to follow the usual formula for Irish weddings

Photo booths
I LOVE photo booths!!!!  If you can afford it I love the polaroid camera photo booths.  You will need to organise this some way in advance because apparently the film can be difficult to get a hold of - you can get it online. You can buy a ready made pack of  "props" online but I personally like when silly things (boas, sunglasses, hats etc) have been picked up from a variety of different shops.
I especially like when a prop to pose behind/beside is provided.
For guests:  It's your responsibility to get as a good photos as possible :-) Make good use of the prop if provided, swing off it/use it as unusually as possible.  If no prop provided swing around and take the photo in a different part of the room than everyone else e.g. prop yourself up against a fireplace.  It will give the b&g something to smile at when they see the photos the next day.
Do NOT hog the photo booth.  Take one photo, maybe one more a couple of hours later and leave it at that! 
If there is a lot of film later on during the night why not take the camera and go get some pics of the b&g on the dance floor :-)

Bathroom basket at your wedding

I have been at a couple of weddings over the last year or so.  It seems that this year and last year we have had more weddings than any of the years before.  On that basis I am going to do two posts about weddings that you might find useful if you are planning your wedding.

So first up wedding baskets!

I just love when a bride and groom have put some useful items in the bathroom.  Particularly....deodorant!  I find that it is the one thing that I can not fit in my little evening/occasion bag and it is the one thing that I need because of all the dancing I am doing.

So my advice to any b&g's for a bathroom basket is focus on the essentials and don't bother with everything else!
IF you do want to go with EVERYTHING (but the bathroom sink lol) there are many many sites on the web that list everything.  For example ==> a big list here!

For what it is worth here is my list (it's ladies only, sorry it's from my experience only, I've no clue what generally is placed in the man's bathroom)
1. Deodorant - I'd suggest 3 bottles of spray on.  I think it'd be cute to put your own stickers on them to make it your own "wedding brand".  For example, change Sure to become Sure I do! Or Dove to become Love.  OMG I just came up with that sticker idea as I typed and I think it's a winner!
2. Body spray (for the same reasons as the deodorant).  You could put two types - the spray on Impulse type, plus the pump (Victoria Secret) type of body spray.  I'd say 3 bottles also.
3. Plasters/Bandaids
4. Sewing kit, plus safety pins
5. Hair clips/bobby pins/straight slides type
6. Hair bobbins
7. Hair spray - one big can of Silvikrin should do it.

And that's it!  No packs of makeup wipes (seriously why???), no cotton buds, no tweezers.  I wouldn't buy anything else and instead I'd use the money for flip flops!

Yes, I love when flip flips are provided,  So the more flip flops you can provide the better.

What are your thoughts on bathroom baskets?  What do you think about my list?  Would you add or take away anything?!

RIP Cilla Black

After going to bikram this morning I was browsing the internet when news started circulating that Cilla Black had died at the (relatively) young age of 72.  It's always sad when you hear of someone passing, but you know I always felt that a big part of Cilla's heart died with her husband when he died in 1999.

Not so long a lovely three part series about Cilla's life was screened on tv.  My crazy family and I spent three lovely evenings dressed in 60's clothes watching the tv show.  Thinking about Cilla will always remind me about that.  Read my blog about it here

RIP Cilla, you are with your beloved Bobby now.

Saturday 1 August 2015

Pretty in pink

It's coming up to Mam's birthday and conveniently Enid had an idea of what to buy her.
She had recently been at an outlet mall with mam where she noticed that mam admired a beautiful Ralph Lauren (saddle bag style) bag.
She sent a group text to Faith, Katie and I and we all agreed to buy it for mam.
I went and picked it up on Friday.  It is such a beautiful soft leather bag that I figured a bag that nice needed some nice wrapping.
So this morning in Ikea I bought a lovely box and some tissue and ribbon.
Ta dah!!!!
I think this looks beautiful. 
Do you like the wrapping?!