Thursday 26 December 2019

Fun with tat (aka jewellery)

I've had quite a lot of fun over the last few days playing around with Christmas earrings/Christmas sweaters/red dresses etc in work.  Time to pack them away for another year, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted!

Lost and Found doggo

So coming home from Party No. 2 on Christmas Eve we came across this little thing, out on his own, having a grand old time.
After knocking on some doors, and speaking to people out walking their dogs, and nobody knowing anything about him our only option (yay!!!) was bring him home with us.
It turned out
(a) he was a she
(b) she was such a good natured little thing!
I posted up on facebook on the Key West Lost and Found page and literally just as we were ready to go to bed at around midnight someone from three blocks away got in touch and claimed "Shadow".
A Christmas miracle! Lol

Christmas in Paradise

I'm just getting a few words down on paper to capture what is going on with me at the moment before suddenly December is over and it is 2020 - and the moment has passed.
Enid and Ciaran are here!
Christmas Eve was lovely! Christmas day was lovely!
We are just having lovely times together.
Today I am working (I've been working a lot over Christmas that is hotel work for you I guess!) and the rest of the gang are gone fishing!!! I am sad for me, but happy for them! I will get over it lol.
A few little photos below for posterity.

Sunday 22 December 2019

Two/three liner review of two movies

 So, so good. But my God, I came out of the cinema FEELING ANGRY, and still feel angry even now.  The battle may have been won, the war is far from over.

A beautiful film.  Deeper and darker then I expected it to be, a wonderful storytelling of triumph over anger, hurt and cynicism.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

The F word

Let's talk about fishing!  Because, let me tell you, it seems to be all we talk about at home these days, all we text our friends about, and all I seem to look at on my phone - fishing and fish apps.

At the weekend we were out with friend's on their lovely boat and it was great!  Not necessarily the best haul...but as they say "a bad day's fishing beats any day in the office".  Plus also, it is just so lovely fishing for the afternoon and then fishing as the sun sets.  Key West gets simply the most beautiful sunsets...there is a reason people have been hanging out at Mallory Square and honouring the sun for decades.

And then this evening, straight after work instead of going home, I nipped on my bike and headed to White Street Pier for a sneaky little fish before sunset.  It was a nice reminder of why we moved here and how lovely it is to live on an island.
I met a friend lol!

Saturday 7 December 2019

New Happy Hour venue!

If you have been following my blog and noting my Key West eating venues, you probably have worked out that Half Shell Raw Bar and Martin's are two of our favorite Happy Hour Eating establishments.
Half Shell is casual and easy, and feels authentic Key West. A license plates on the wall type of place, originally a shrimpers shed, turned restaurant, situated on the spot where the fishworkers spilled out their catch right on the bight.
Martin's is when we are feeling a little fancier and want to drink wine and martini's - that would be every Sunday so! The food is fancier too.
15% strength!
But now! Now, we have Old Town Tavern which is a "just riiiiight" balance between the two. 
Apparently it has the "Best Guinness in Town" according to Patrick, a man with 30 years of  drinking Guinness (IN IRELAND) under his belt.
It also has Craft Beers.  Something which my Chicago man  has occasionally (very occasionally it must be said) lamented since arriving South.  Well lament no more!  This bar even has Goose Island Bourbon Stout!

And their Happy Hour food, oh my!

Flatbreads; with toppings ranging from a sexy little shrimp scampi number, to your classic chicken barbeque to the exquisitely unique pig and pickle. 
Looks good, right?!

Yes,  of course I had the pork. I can never resist pork.

Along with a chicken liver pate dish of crispy toasted bread,  wholegrain mustard and capers we were just nicely satisfied.  Not at all hungry, and not too full.  In fact "just riiiiight".

If I was really hungry I would also have ordered the meat balls and the pork belly.  Have I mentioned I can never resist pork?

And while I am almost a year into my little Key West adventure and one could argue disappointment that I had not found this little gem of a joint earlier, on the other hand for that very reason it makes me appreciate it all the more. Without a doubt, it is part of our Happy Hour repertoire going forward, and will be for many more years I hope.

Monday 2 December 2019

Where is Barbara Curran now??

I ventured in to the local pawn shop today.  My, was that quite the cornucopia of all things I like i.e. JUNK! What can I say?  I do love whiling away an hour or two looking through JUNK for TREASURE.

And then I saw THIS.
I may, or may not, have bought it.

Ha! Do you know me, or what?! Of course I bought it.  Barbara lives with me now :)

Ps. Anyone want to venture a guess how much I paid for this little gem?!
Comment below!

Sunday fishing!

So initially, this blog post looked like it was shaping up to be a bit of a whinge about how I didn't catch many fish yesterday.  But the more I think about it...yesterday, was a great day.

We both had a wonderful night's sleep waking up without the alarm at 8am on the button.  Perfect timimg for some breakfast and relaxing before things turned more frenetic as we got ready and headed for the boat.

I went on ahead over to Garrison Bight, while Patrick went and picked up some sandwiches for the day.  Cuban sandwiches...which might be only be the best sandwich in the whole world?  That is of course, in my humble opinion as an Irish person. It has to be said there is a bigger sandwich "market" and "range" of bread and meat and topping and sauce combos over here than anything I am used to from home. (Although! Of course, nothing is better than that Christmas night and St Stephen's night sandwich of fresh Brennan's bread, turkey, stuffing, and ham, right?!)

The weather was perfect, conditions just right...Thankfully.  It meant no queasiness this time round...for either of us.

So! Confession time.  It was a pretty lousy day for me, from a catching perspective.  But it's crazy.  Fishing is a bit like gambling in my opinion.  The good days get you back for more. And the bad days get you back too - the lure of the Big One in both cases.

And on the subject of Big One!

Patrick caught this grouper!!! 20 inches, 4lbs, how about that!

Omelet - garlic, ham and tomatoes

Do you remember the tale of the Thanksgiving Ham?!

Well, I was not lying when I said we would be eating it for the next while - and don't forget that half of it was put in the freezer for Christmas.

Tonight I made a ham omelet!

I don't know if this is correct or not, but I like to cook some of my ingredients on their own prior to adding to the omelet. Mmmm, garlic, cherry tomatoes and the ubiquitous ham!

Et voila!

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Thanksgiving Gift!

Today, my boss presented us all with a gift of either a turkey or a ham for Thanksgiving!

I got a ham! 

A ginormous one, bigger then the size of my head :)

Here it is, photographed beside the kettle scale. And here is just HALF of it, with a lime beside it for scale.  We started it today. And omg it was good.  
And omg we will be eating ham for a week! Dinner, and lunch included!

Monday 25 November 2019

Hook, line and sinker

We had such a phenomenal day yesterday with our friends Garrett and Katrina out on their boat.

The picked us up at noon and while on the way to the marina we stopped at Sandy's cafĂ© and picked up some Cuban sandwiches for on the boat.  Next stop was Jolly's liquor store in Stock Island and we were set!

We all had a great day, reeling in fish after fish, after fish.  All throwbacks in the main.  Aside from two that the lady anglers in our party caught :)

First up (top left) was a sheepshead fish that I baited.  No I did not make that name up!  See here. It fought such a hard battle that at one point I thought my reel was broken - I could not move it - and Katrina hopped in to check and took over it reeling it in.  So it was a joint catch!

And then!  Near the end of the day (look at that sunset) I landed a beautiful yellow tail snapper which we broke out the measuring tape for.  It was 11 inches! One inch shy of the 12 inch limit for keeping.  Nice note to end on!

Ps.  Hook, line, and sinker.  It's that simple.  That's all you need.
A boat is handy too :)

Key Lime Pie party!

I really wish I blogged this right after the event as it would really capture the joy I felt with life at that exact moment in time!

Last week I hosted a cute little event in work - a key lime pie get together!

It all started when I realized how many birthdays were occurring in November.  Mine is the 12th, the GM of the hotel is the 22nd.  When I was telling this to Jordan, our food and bev manager, he told me that his birthday was the 23rd.  And that it was his 30th!  Well that was that, I decided on the spot I would do something to mark the occasion.

I started pulling together a list of some of the things  we had to celebrate.  It ended up something like this.

And on the day our table looked like THIS!

It was a really lovely get together.  Nice to have all departments take a little break and socialize together, making a change from us just working (to keep our little hotel going and all our guests happy during their stays with us) alongside each other.

The boss made a nice speech - using my list as a prompt and then talking about the good stuff, and the challenges, we have as a business coming up soon and in the new year.  It was a good inspirational talk as all good leaders do!  Nice one Abe :) And then he made special mention, sniffle, to me and the event I had organized.  Some really really nice words, sniffle sniffle, I'm not really the most emotional person but jeepers I nearly cried that day.  I muttered back something along the lines of "well I love all you guys, ...and I just love this job ...and coming in to work every day" (a) most un-Irish of me...I am bad about talking about how I feel and (b) so so so true.  I do love my job.

Sunday 17 November 2019

Ribs Recipe

 Can we take a moment to appreciate. just how nicely my local butcher (which is conveniently called The Local) wraps your meat purchase in beautiful crisp brown paper and string.   Just like old school Ireland! I love it.

We made the barbeque marinade ourselves! A nice little mix of olive oil, soya sauce, barbecue sauce and grain mustard.  And a little siracha pepper for HEAT!  I need my heat :)

How great does the marinade look slathered all over the lovely meat?!

Also, such a novelty to be cooking on the grill on the top shelf of the barbecue compared with straight on to the grill.  The tinfoil is there to catch the drips of fat from the meat/sauce so as to prevent fire/flare ups.

So that was the plan!  But does life always go to plan?! Heck no!

15 minutes after putting the ribs on the grill the propane ran out!!!

So a quick switch up was made, I transferred the meat to our 1970s oven (ugh!). I put the quinoa on to boil, stir fried the veg and ta-dah!

Thanks be to the did not turn out too bad at all in the end.

Saturday 16 November 2019

Monkey in Paradise - new blog

I have started a new blog, in conjunction with keeping this Dublinia blog going.  It remains to be seen what (if anything!) will come of the new one!

Click here to read the blog which is named Monkey in Paradise

The name you ask?  Where did it come from? 

This is a photo I posted to my facebook page a few days ago.  I think it is hysterical and am still laughing about it!

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Key Largo 2019

So!  It was my birthday yesterday!  (Yes I'm old, moving swiftly on).  
For maybe the best birthday present I've ever been given, we snuck away for a little weekend break "up North". 

Ha!  By "up North" I mean Key Largo, 2 hours away.

I do love a road trip as I think you know. Heck who doesn't?  (Seriously though, is there someone out there who doesn't like a road trip?? Please leave a comment if this is you!).  Funny though, the weather was not what I expected of a drive through the Florida Keys.  Overcast, cold and WINDY, it got cooler and cooler as we drove towards our destination of the Key Largo Bay Marriott Resort and Hotel.

A little stop off, along the way, at Tonio's for a spot of lunch. It was positively blustery but a perfect little dive place, just like I like 'em!

We arrived and checked in and we were delighted with our room. It was big!  
But cold.  The weather was cold.... 
As demonstrated by me wearing of long trousers in this photo (taken on the way home from dinner)

We had an early enough night (yes, I/we're old. Moving swiftly on).

Happy to report that we woke up to sunshine the next morning!

After a light breakfast I headed to the beach.  Seriously cute little beach with the sunbeds lined right up to  literally the shoreline which was very nice - nothing like hearing the waves lapping as you sunbathe.  
I started my Meg Cabot (author signed!) book which was an entertaining little read. The gist of my weekend, it has to be said, was either beach or pool and fantastic it was too.

Lunch was sushi!

On the way back from lunch I stopped off at a yard sale/consignment sale/storage unit sale....where a woman admired my dress ("Is it a Lilly? [Pulitzer]") and gave me a pair of sunglasses for free ("They go with your dress").  How nice was that?!

And then dinner!  Wow.  We ate early so that we would catch the sun setting while eating.  What a view!!!  Great food too.  Would it be weird if I described it as an (all encompassing) experience?  Ooh not forgetting the wine also!  Malbec ;)

After dinner we decided to do something we never do and have some cocktails.  They weren't the fanciest (e.g. craft) cocktails, I guess they were just "resort" type cocktails, but they were pretty good. And as I said, it's something we never do, so just getting them in themselves was fun.

After another light breakfast (coffee and bagel & cream cheese mmm) I headed down to the beach and pool for a last few hours of relaxing before getting on the road home.

For something fun and NEW we stopped off for some bridge fishing on the way home!  I can't lie, it was not the best fishing. We have a lot to learn about what bait, hook, lures etc to use...but sure it was a start! You have to start somewhere eh!

And home!  Where I realized that I had left my bike at work and it was needed for the next day.  So I headed downtown - where I caught the Veteran's Parade and bumped into friends Dawn and Gwen.  It's a small island lol, you can't go anywhere without bumping into someone.

Finally we finished a lovely (perfect even??) weekend with dinner in our favourite place ever Half Shell Raw Bar.  

Already we are talking that a weekend away in the Key Largo Bay resort may turn into a yearly event.  Get's a big thumbs up from me!

Tuesday 5 November 2019

Manic Monday

Following my action packed Sunday,  I continued Monday in the same vein...

...starting with a Bikram Yoga class at noon

Have I told you that my studio includes your mat and towel in the cost for every class?  So handy not having to think about them and carrying on your bike etc.  Big thumbs up!

I was going to go straight from yoga to a whiskey tasting class in General Horseplay, but tbh that was probably a little ambitious of me.  I was (happily, it must be said) exhausted after class, plus I also was a seriously hot sweaty mess.  I went home and jumped straight in the pool and then had the longest loveliest outdoor shower.

I chilled out for the afternoon until approx. 5.30pm when I hopped on my bike and headed to the bookstore for a book signing and reading by Meg Cabot - of her new book No Judgements.  

She was FABULOUS!  Entertaining, charming and informative.  
I bought the book and am looking forward to reading it on the beach, on my mini vacation in Key Largo this weekend!  I do love a signed book :)

I ended another wonderful day in Paradise with dinner in Sister Noodle House on Roosevelt.

I got pork dumplings - which came out like bao buns - and a seaweed salad.  I really, really liked it.  Different to any other food I have eaten since arriving to Key West, and VERY different to anything you can get in Ireland.  Nice change of pace!  We'll be back.

Monday 4 November 2019

Sunday Funday

It's hard to think that I could squeeze any more "stuff" into yesterday. Actually, there is no think about it, I know I could not have done more.

First up!
I went to The Custom House Museum to see their latest exhibition "The Literary History of Key West".  It was excellent.  

I counted over 40 writers featured - and the curator notes there are many more but space did not allow for them.  It is amazing really, for a little small island with, let's face it, a bit of a party reputation, it has massive literary influence, culture and history.  I honestly cannot fathom a place where so many recipients of the Pulitzer prize, Tony Awards,  Nobel prize for Literature and Poet Laureates reside, or have resided. So cool.  
Have I mentioned lately that I love this little island?

From there, I cycled up Duval and Truman, stopping off at the little Tennessee Williams Museum.  

It is small but packs a mighty punch, packed to the gills with information, photos and paraphernalia from his time on the island. I love this exhibit for the personal insight you get. Aside from the obvious, that Tennessee Williams was incredibly talented he also was just a good guy (the care - emotionally and financially - and the bond he shared with his sister Rose who had special needs) and a fun guy (Key West suited him, and he suited Key West!)

Me personally:
I adore Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  The book of course, but whoa, that film! Not just for Paul Newman (no seriously, I mean it), my God Elizabeth Taylor is just wonderful as Maggie/Cat. The storyline, the writing, the themes.  It is a brilliant piece.

Did you know I live on a street with not one, but two Tennessee Williams connections?
His house where he lived is on this exact street.  Plus right beside it is the house where The Rose Tattoo was filmed - he wrote it here, it was filmed here, and it premiered her in the San Carlos Institute.

How about that for history! 
Have I mentioned lately that I love this little island?

The day continues!

I met Marta in Halo to watch the Boat Race Parade.  These boats are like nothing I have ever seen - like they were conceived and built on the set of a futuristic movie, think Blade Runner or Minority Report.  We had fun!

Also there was Dawn and her gal pals so when Marta left I hung with them.  We strolled down to General Horseplay where we met up with others.  Another fun time!

But wait! 
There is more! At 6pm I went to Half  Shell Raw Bar and had the usual WONDERFUL dinner of garlic steamed clams, buffalo shrimp, fish dip and sesame crackers.  Deeeeeeeeeeevine.

Phew! What a great day.

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Fantasy Fest 2019, Key West

At the end of the week of the fun and frolics of Fantasy Fest, it is timely to do a blog post telling you about what my experience was, and my thoughts on it all. (Spoiler! I enjoyed it!)

A little history first! From the official Fantasy Fest website:
"Fantasy Fest is an annual 10 day party in paradise for grown-ups.  Started in 1979 by a small group of Key West locals, the party was created to bring visitors to the island in what was a typically quiet,  but beautiful season.  It worked.  Fantasy Fest has grown every year since its inception and is now the wildest extravaganza around!  Fun-loving revelers from around the globe bring their creativity and imaginations as they descend upon Key West each year in October for 10 days filled with costuming, parades, libations, and excitement!"

So what has evolved over the last 40 years, the result is that we now have approximately 100,000 revellers (3 times the population of the island) parading and partying in the skimpiest of outfits all in the name of fun!  

And fun it is!  Yes those costumes are skimpier than you can imagine - think body paint and pasties i.e. a lot of breasts out there for all to see - but heck they are just breasts right?  (Free the nipple and all that eh!). Hells bell's for one week of the year it is a novelty to just enjoy a bit of guilt free people watching.  I say "guilt free" because hey, to go around in those skimpy costumes the wearer definitely has an exhibitionist streak. So you know what; I reckon you're doing them a compliment by looking (or lol in my case, staring!) and admiring.

It's not just the novelty of the nudity/almost nudity that is fun.  There is just a general sense of gaiety, playfulness and abandonment on the island, down near Duval Street. It feels like a lot of adults letting go and play acting.  You know, sometimes being childlike, dressing in costume, and allowing yourself be free can be a very therapeutic thing to do.  

Personally, I spent more time out and about in bars and on Duval Street in one week than I ever had before.  We had great fun taking part in the Local's parade on Friday night.  Quirky and zaniness aplenty as you would expect from inhabitants of "Key Weird".  I also enjoyed Tutu Tuesday where I wore an outfit consisting of a swimsuit and tutu.

But what undoubtedly was the highlight - the main parade on Saturday night. Creative and energetic, the standard was so much higher than I was expecting...that may come from the fact that I am Irish and have seem parades in little country villages like Athboy and Trim where children parade while dressed in blue plastic bags representing their local river.  Oh dear!
(Side note.  Readers - If you are ever in Ireland (even Dublin) on March 17th, stay in the pub, warm by a fire and watch the St Patrick's Day parade on tv. My advice for what it is worth).

But right now my advice is, do yourself a favour and watch some videos online of the opening of the Saturday parade!

And finally... Who wants to see what I wore during the week? Yeah, a little cliche I know.  It was my first Fantasy Fest, will do better next year am sure!  Anyway, cliche but fun, it worked!

Left - Tutu Tuesday
Middle - Local's parade
Right - Bet you didn't spot that is the same costume because of the new headpiece lol, I mixed it up while watching the Saturday night parade! :)))))

Until next year Fantasy Fest!

Monday 28 October 2019

Back to Bikram

"You'll never regret going to a bikram class"

- Enid Bebbington, my twin sister

For some time now I have felt Bikram calling to me.  

What that translates to is; I haven't been sleeping great.  My mind has been racing, working overtime for various reasons (all pure silliness of course, but you try persuade yourself that at 3am.  Best of luck to you  with it!).   And in terms of body strength and suppleness, I feel like I am losing muscle mass and my body and core is becoming weaker.  Clearly I need bikram bad! And I want it. I know how incredible it is, and how amazing I feel after it.

Today, I did something about it.

I don't think I can say anything about bikram that hasn't been said before.  It's cliched but it's true - 90 minutes in a hot room, no phone, no distraction.  Just you, listening to the teacher and moving your body accordingly.  The heat is wonderful.  It helps you stretch further than you have ever stretched before.  Flexibility and stretching is something I have always struggled with, even back in my competitive swimming days I was never flexible, but now, that studio heat helps me push myself further and better than anything in the past (yep that includes all the land training I did in my teens as part of my swimming training schedule). And it's that feeling of satisfaction and pride, that you personally, have done something new and better that brings you back to class. It's a different feeling, one that I am not familiar with, pushing myself alone, not in competition with anyone except myself.

But it's the mental results I like the best.  Sometimes I wonder is it really that easy?  Put away your phone, concentrate on thinking about just your moves and your breathing, walk out of that room 90 minutes later with a clear mind that lasts for days until your next class.  
Is it really that easy??  It seems so.

So here I am.  Signed up for a month of classes in the cutest and Southernmost yoga studio in the United States. 

I can't wait!

Sunday 27 October 2019

Back to the Future

It has NOT been a good week in terms of home cooking for this household.  Having no food in the fridge was obviously key to this issue but also: Because Fantasy Fest!  We ate out a lot this week.  

And while this was obviously pretty enjoyable (and yummy etc etc), I am happy to report we are getting back to normal.  And it feels good.

Did a supermarket shop this morning and the fridge is now fully stocked with lots of good food for the week ahead - in particular the freezer is now full of proteins.

So tonight it was a celebration in style of home cooking.  Steak and lobster claws! Woohoo!

And doesn't it look good!
On the side, a little bit of garlic dipping butter for the lobster, and barbecue sauce for the steak, it was delectable perfection.

Wednesday 23 October 2019

Retro Ice bucket (vintage)

I am so delighted! My vintage "Britvic" pineapple ice bucket holder has arrived from Ireland!

I love this guy :) I first saw one of these in my friend's holiday home in Wexford - it was her aunt's, an original from the 1960's.  As soon as I saw it I was on a mission to find one for myself (at the right price) and finally I found one in the Dublin flea.  It was the princely sum of euro40, which at the time felt at the upper end of my budget, but ten years later feels like the bargain of the century.

Family visit October 2019!

I had Lydia and Mam staying with me for a week and it was a wonderful visit. I would rate them 10/10 as house guests.   Ahahahahahaa
First day they arrived Lydia and I took ourselves off fishing and it was wonderful!  Even more wonderful was coming home and cooking it on the barbecue.  That is something that I think will always be a novelty to us Irish outdoors with regularity.
While it was an ordinary working week for me, I did decide to take a day off in the middle of the week while they were here.  How often do I have guests staying with me after all?  We had a great day - Lydee and I went snorkeling at Fort Zachary Taylor Beach and then did a guided tour of the Fort which was very interesting.  That evening we went to Trivia in Viva which we always enjoy. 

Check us out in our colour co-ordinating outfits at Trivia :)
Other than that, Mam and Lyd looked after themselves during the day while I worked and then we went out for dinner most evenings.  They hung out at the pool, did a little shopping and some sight seeing - Hemingway House was their number one stop as usual.
We had some nice food out at the likes of Half Shell Raw Bar, La Concha and El Siboneys.  It was Mam and Lyd's first time at El Siboneys and their first foray into authentic Cuban food was a complete success. 
Their last day came and because their flight was out of Miami, and I was driving them there, we decided to leave early and stop off at an outlet mall close to the airport.  We all got a few bits and pieces which was good.  I got a jumpsuit for work which is a little bit new and different for me.  We also ate a nice lunch in crackerbarrel which we always enjoy :)

Their flight went off on time thankfully, it is a long trip home back to Dublin and even further for Lyd who has to fly on to Amsterdam and then train it to The Hague.  Me, it was a long drive back home too to Key West, and I eventually got there just after midnight.  No worries!  All good!

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Life in the tropics! Aka the menagerie

Yesterday, a pigeon flew through the house.  Literally through the house; in one open door, out the other open door.  My heart!  I nearly died of shock.  Shrieked like a looper too lol

And this was today! Yes, that is a photo of a chicken, taken INSIDE the house.

And I am not even going to mention the baby Cuban lizard and palmetto bug visitors we had yesterday also.

Life is fun!

Monday 7 October 2019

Lounge Lizard!

Check this out!  

An iguana on the beach yesterday.  

In all my time in Key West I have never seen one of these creatures on the sand!

Seems not many other people have either...
...s/he quickly gathered a fan base!

SV Argo Navis - Key West - a unique and magical experience

Where to begin to describe the beautiful sunset sail I was on yesterday? There is nothing like being out on the water on a boat, and the SV Argo Navis takes that to the next level. A stunningly beautiful boat with plenty of room to move around and enjoy lots of different areas/views. Wonderful friendly staff who work so hard to ensure you enjoy everything - mindfully serving the snacks (describing them in sumptious detail), wine, beer,  all while manning the boat's beautiful big sails. And how about those sails! When the boat is running on sails alone it is a magical experience. 
The food is delicious - local breads, delicious cheese and charcuterie. And very well chosen wine and beer to perfectly accompany and enhance.

This sunset sail is unique - the other rowdy sunset sail party boats are good fun when the time is right - the time is always right for a sail on the Argo.

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Irish artist Pigsy - Art & Film

Fantastic Pigsy event coming up this Thursday - a presentation of his latest artwork and a screening of the wonderful Mike Andrews' Pigsy documentary film.  

The only bad news I am afraid, is that it is an all-ticketed affair and at this point is Sold Out!