Monday 31 May 2021

Fish on!

It being Memorial day and Patrick having a day off we went out fishing again this morning.  This time I was able to fish!
And boy were the fish Gods smiling on me!

Two fine yellowtail snapper! One 13 inches and the other a pudgey 14.5incher.

I was quite delighted with them as I think you can see from the photos.  Patrick cleaned them when we got home and we are going to have them for dinner tomorrow evening (tonight we are going to Shanna Key for a bite).  

We joke: Amy hooks 'em, Patrick cooks them :)

Monday 24 May 2021

The Smokin' Tuna, Peter Mayer

Saturday evening! Patrick came downtown and met me for a little bite and drinks in Happy Hour in Half Shell Raw Bar. Half Shell, of course being one of our favourites, an old reliable.
The colouring of this photo is so funny but I still think it is adorable!
This little island is Paradise.

From there, I met up with Katrina and Garrett who were out and about, pottering.  We ventured down to Smokin' Tuna but could not get in as they were having a private event.  Unperturbed we said we would continue down the back lane and go to Hank's instead.  Well lo and behold, didn't we find out that Smokin' Tuna's back bar abuts the laneway and you can literally sit at the back bar (outside in the lane), have drinks and see the stage. Isabelle also joined us, fun!

And who was on the stage?!!! Oh, only the fabulous Peter Mayer! Probably best known for playing in Jimmy Buffet's band...but for me I don't get a huge Jimmy B vibe from him.  Instead I get George Harrison, Van Morrison, The Beatles (mainly George!), The Tremeloes, Manfred Mann and more of that kind of good stuff. He is awesome! I saw him play in the Key West Theatre Christmas just before Covid and I was enthralled and hooked.  Can't believe I didn't know he was playing Key West again, can't believe I caught him by pure chance.

This little island really is Paradise.

Canadian bacon and pancakes with maple syrup

Sunday morning and no boat outings - too windy, small craft advisory in place.

As we are planning a Canada day party we decided to do a little bit of food experimenting.  By that I mean, Patrick bought the Canadian bacon, and I did the cooking.

Canadian bacon and pancakes with maple syrup

How funny is this?!  
These pancakes are supposed to be ROUND.  And instead they turned out looking like maple leafs!!! 

Diner chairs


Bloody hell! I've never thought I would get a score like this.  On a curb, beside a dumpster, being thrown out by a restaurant/bar. 

I am in love! What do I do with them though??? No room in the house!

Southernmost Cafe (on the beach), Happy Hour

 I met Isabelle for a lovely few after work drinks and a bite to eat.  After a little discussion, we settled on the Southernmost Cafe where we ordered a big load of carbs.  Yup! Buffalo chicken poutine and pizza rolls. C'mere sure, what are you going do about it?!

'Twas a fun night! 

A&B Lobsterhouse

 To celebrate/mark a few occasions Patrick booked A&B Lobsterhouse. I've been dying to go there for years so I can't tell you how happy and excited I was to hear this!

So excited that I bought myself a new dress for the occasion! Excuse the mess in the background, please and thank you.

Anywhere that uses a butter mould gets my approval.  Harks back to my Gresham Hotel butter curling days I guess!

Lobtster risotto
Lobster and escargot in a clam and truffle cream sauce.
Um, hello puff pastry lobster!!!!

Not pictured are the Oysters Rockefeller

A bottle of prosecco, fabulous food and wonderful company of course.  A really lovely night.

Sunday 9 May 2021


Wednesday - Martini's and tapas in Martin's with Jean, Joe & Sheila

Thursday -  drinks with Isabelle, and oysters and mozarella sticks

Saturday night date night with Patrick - crab claws, devilled eggs, prosecco and cupcake sushi


My friend Paul texted me last Monday morning to remind me he was calling Bingo (in aid of Sister Season) in the Green Parrot that evening.  I immediately said it to Patrick and we said we would go.  I knew he would.  Patrick loves bingo! Ha! You're thinking, why, it is a little old lady game?? Nah! Throw a bottle or two of Corona along with it and sure you could be in Caesar's Palace in Vegas.  Ok, I exaggerate a little, but it does kind of  feel like gambling and it is a bit of fun of an evening.  So, I have to say, also fun is that we kind of SUCK at it.  We never win!! Until this night when I did - and now we have a $20 gift certificate for Lost and Found bar.  Must go there soon... And finally, it is nice to support a community fundraising event.


Covid 19 Vaccinated pin

How cute are these badges (or pins as they call them here!) that the hotel manager ordered for our team.  


Monday 3 May 2021

Made my day!


Today is an awesome day!

So there I was, at the beach...

...enjoying a little picnic for one!

When I got a text to say that these beautiful flowers had just been delivered and were sitting on my desk in work.  We have just the loveliest guests in our hotel! Made my day!!

Girl time at The Venetian

 Yesterday I hung out with Emily, Isabelle and Katrina in Emily's house. Her house is on Venetian Drive so her and her husband like to call their place The Venetian.  It fits!

Emily had a terrific spread of cheese and charcuterie and her famous air fried wings, mmmm.  I brought Key Lime Pie (which got very MELTY btw! It is HOT here these days), and Katrina made her famous stromboli, which let me tell you is amazing. 

After a big load of eating and some drinks we made it to the pool.

We hung out there for hours!!! I didn't get home until 9pm last night!

Blurred as this photo may be, it captures perfectly the good time with this fun little gang

How cute is Bandit on the raft! Who wouldn't let this little dote join in girl time?!

Bits and pieces

Poor little Ozzie.  His mom is in hospital and he needs someone to temporarily take care of him.  Look at those sad little eyes.  I totally wanted to bring him home with me.

My bike cupholder arrived. 
I won't lie, it is a little bigger and more cartoonlike than I was expecting.  Ha!

Went to the salon/spa. Got dinner and bubbly and a swag bag.  They were doing some kind of promotion day and I guess I got lucky!