Sunday 28 August 2016

Life in the fast lane

After my hectic morning at the market and getting my bike done I really needed to relax. 
(That's sarcasm btw!!!!) 
I cycled to St Stephen's Green where I spent a lovely time sitting beside the little lake, watching the ducks and reading a great book.  What a freaky photo but it's all I have.
I am re-reading the wonderful "In the Unlikely Event" and I am enjoying it even more this time round.  If you haven't read this I recommend you go and buy it, or borrow it from your library, right away.

I also enjoyed watching a bridal party from The Shelbourne having their wedding photos taken.  

Later when I was leaving the Green I saw the whole wedding move from the main hotel to the function room at the side escorted by a bag piper which was nice.  I think it was an American wedding...
What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  It brought to my mind the lovely Dublin saunter song. 
Happy Sunday all!

New bike accessories (some vital!)

I have been putting off getting new brakes on my bike for way too long.  Going down a hill last Tuesday sent me the message loud and clear they needed to be done.  And fast. 
After work I went to a great shop in D2 where they were done in 10 minutes while I waited for the princely sum of €28.  While there I enquired about getting a back carrier installed (for panniers for my bike) and was quoted €40.

Then, yesterday, at a market beside Portobello lock I spoke with a bike repair clinic who had a stall there.  I was quoted €25 for the back carrier.  So there and then I got it installed - again another 10 minute job while I waited.
Obviously a big price difference (good for me) but I guess they both have very different models.  Those big premises (which were lovely to look around) and all that stock doesn't pay for itself.  And the convenience of nipping in after work and getting it done straight away is worth a premium too...?

Here she is!
New brakes and new back carrier.  I will get the panniers from Mam's house and she will be all set! 
The panniers will make a big difference when buying groceries or going to the gym,,,that basket up front is good for nothing - except maybe handbag,

What I have been doing...

 Drinking... beverages (aka cocktails!)...

...with my friend Deirdre in Peruke & Periwig on Dawson Street

Eating Mississippi Mud pie (Marks & Spencers) with Enid and Cousin Kasey

Visited the dentist.
Watch this space...large bill coming my way...I need either ortho work or veneer work (I need to make the choice which).  Above is a mock up of the veneers, I will probably go this route

Feeling tropical!
My new bedding.  It didn't look as crazy (like something from the Golden Girls) in the packaging. I swear!

Monday 22 August 2016

Floridita no more

"My mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio and my daiquiri in the Floridita"
Ernest Hemingway
To mark the end of an era I have taken some photos of what used to be Life Bar in the Irish Life mall, and then became Floridita, and is now scheduled for demolition

I am not sure if this lovely mosaic artwork beside the bar will survive so I snapped a photo for posterity

It's not the most attractive building so all I will miss is the memories - of Life Bar in particular! I used to enjoy joking that it felt like we were in Ally McBeal with a bar literally in our work building.

I am assuming the fish tank behind the tills is long gone, well before the demolition

Farewell! Thanks for the memories :-)
Edit/Demolition update:
A view into the condemned building :-(
It is all completely boarded up now and you cannot see in to it anymore, so I guess this is the very last I will ever see of Life Bar/Floridita.  It really is goodbye this time *sob sob sniffle sniffle*

Sunday 21 August 2016

What I did this weekend....and what two other Irish women did this weekend

This weekend was another good weekend
On Saturday morning Enid and Ciaran called for breakfast (bringing starbucks).  Enid and I threw a dash of baileys into our starbucks, plus had a screwdriver so that was a nice start to the day!

We then went for a stroll up to Grafton Street.
Enid bought a nice outfit for Saturday night in the "new" Dunnes in Stephen's Green - it has had a beautiful makeover - and then we went to Brown Thomas specifically to go to their Christmas shop which opened this week.  Enid just LOVES Christmas and bought a lovely decoration for her tree.

That evening I went with my Dad to Ukulele Hooley in Dun Laoghaire. We had a lovely evening - a few drinks (me!) and some great amateur open mic ukulele players.  And then we hung on to hear the most phenomenal ukulele trio play an acoustic set.

This morning Katie called and we had breakfast

Then got the bus down to Smithfield Square

There was a great vibe on at the marker in the Generator Hostel

We had some nice lunch.  Just sweet potato fries. Just lovely!
While I was enjoying this really really lovely weekend, some Irish women out there were not.
The hashtag #twowomentravel went live on Saturday morning at 5am in Dublin Airport where two Irish women were setting off to travel to the UK.  One of the women is travelling to have an abortion, the other woman is going with her to support her.
Abortion is not available within Ireland aside in a very (strict and) specific circumstance: within our constitution the Eighth Amendment equates the right to life of a pregnant woman with that of an embryo or foetus. In doing so it criminalises abortion in all cases except where to continue a pregnancy would result in death. 
Therefore if you (as an Irish woman) want or need an abortion one of your options is to travel to another country to have an abortion.  This to me is something that makes what is, I am sure, a difficult and traumatic choice to make, even more difficult and traumatic.
The other option that Irish women are doing is (illegally) ordering on the internet, pills to bring on an abortion.
Both "options" are incredibly unsafe for Irish women in my opinion.  And cruel things to make a fellow human to go through.  I strongly believe that the 8th Amendment needs to be repealed.  If you do too please sign the online petition here.

Saturday 20 August 2016

What I am doing...

What I am....
...listening to

...thinking about

....and also reading
(I've talked before how I like to read a few books at the one time)

In the unlikely event of receiving a surprise package

Please excuse me if this post sounds a little  hysterical but truth is when I saw it I WAS hysterical.
I came home from work and there was a little small package waiting for me.
I never get parcels!!! Well certainly I never get parcels that I don't know about. I am not a massive online shopper - I like browsing and pottering too much - so again a parcel delivery is unusual for me.
Upon examining the parcel I did work out who and what it was.  It was from the Book Depository so I figured it was a book (doh!) and I figured it was from Enid the most amazing twin sister ever - a couple of weeks previously she had put an offer on facebook where you like and share her status about sending a book to someone and you get 6 back....yadda yadda yadda, or something like that...the crux of it being that books are being bought and shared around the world and hey that is no bad thing eh!
But I was intrigued what the book would be!  What did she choose for me??
I ripped it open and THIS appeared!
How lucky am I to get to re-read and OWN this great book.
Enid is a librarian and recommends me superb books all the time.
I should have known that of course it would be a perfect choice.  And it was.

Saturday 13 August 2016

Competition - what I'd give for this AMAZING prize

For a few years now I have been part of a wonderful group of mid century modern enthusiasts on facebook.  I absolutely adore mid century modern design, décor, atmosphere and vibe and I love looking at the beautiful pictures of that time that people share.  I swear I should have been in my thirties in the 50's/60's rather than now - I can see myself now throwing atomic cocktail parties every weekend :-)

If this is your thing, I'd recommend you check out the fb page.  It is run (administered/moderated) by a really cool guy from Canada (DC Hilier) who also runs which is an excellent online magazine all about MCM. 

Competition!!!!  I urge you to enter.  LOOK AT THAT PRIZE!!!!

In order to to take MCM Daily to the next step with more media based content like video interviews and podcasts talking about design, collecting and chatting with people in the business, this MCM maestro's goal is to turn MCM Daily into a full time venture.

To do that he is going to need funding....and this is where you get the opportunity to be part of this venture....and be in with the chance of winning this Amazing Prize:

By taking part in this unique crowdfunding venture (for as little as $5 Canadian dollars - or hey €10 Canadian dollars is just €6.97 euro) you  get a chance to win a swanky 1966 fully restored, Clairtone Project G2 stereo which has a current market value of over $25,000 USD!

I've just backed it today! 

Who else is in?!
Click here to read more/back this project

Monday 8 August 2016

The grandfather files

Another post about my Granda's diary of 1956!

I went through the diary and have picked out posts related to an accident that my mother (aged 5) had.  There are some other things going on at the same time - some sad things: my Nana's father died, but I have focussed on my mam at this time.

Sunday April 15
Poor little Enid chopped top nearly off finger (bone and all) with door at her Granny's. Got three stitches, has to go for five penicillin injections.
Monday April 16
Brought Enid at 7.30 for her needle. She's a great girl. Letter from Mother coming on Thursday

Tuesday 17 April
Day's Leave.
Brought Moe* for needle. Told to bring her in evening in future
*Moe was a nickname for my Mam.
Enid = Enie = Eeny Meeny Miny Mo!

Thursday 19 April
Mother didn't come, has cold. Took leave.  Moe had X Ray, needle and examination of finger. Think it will be O.K.

Tuesday 24 April
Bridie minded house while Anne brought Enid to hospital. Stitches taken out. Mother arrived unexpectedly.

Tuesday 1 May
Bride brought Enid to hospital. Must have more penicillin.
Wednesday 2 May
Brought Moe early morn to Bridie for injection. Collected her at night. Painted dustbin.

Thursday 3 May
Brought Enid to Bridie. Bought Anne's birthday book. Did some gardening.

 Tuesday 22 May
Bridie brought Enid to hospital. She was discharged but Doc would like to see her next week.
And that's it!  No further entries in the diary about the finger accident....but to wrap up the it is!

60 years later!
My mothers finger with the scar from the stitches - all from the time she had "chopped top nearly off finger (bone and all)"

Sunday 7 August 2016

Happy 65th birthday Enie!

It was my mam's birthday today and to celebrate Enid brought us all out for lunch to a fab little restaurant called Featherblade (after our second bikram class of the weekend!). 

Enid and I shared a Petite Tender steak (like chateau briand), Kate got a burger and mam had pork.  And then we got some sides of mac & cheese, sweet potato wedges, broccoli and fries (made in goose fat!).
A glass of wine for Enid and I washed it all down well.  It was all very good - I'd thoroughly recommend this place.  It's very good value too...

We then went back to mine for dessert - Enid and I had laid out a gift and dessert table

We had a lovely time drinking coffee and eating cake. 
A very nice birthday afternoon for mam and us all...

Wonderful weekend

This weekend I packed a lot in starting with Friday night when I met up with my friend Tara and we went for a bite to eat in Baggot Street, and then SATURDAY!
First up Enid and I went to bikram at 10am.  It feels so good to be up and out on a Saturday morning!

That afternoon our friend Alice called to see me.  We had a nice lunch of ribs, corn on the cob and coleslaw - Southern "dirty" food :-)

Later, after Alice had gone, I cycled with Enid down to the Liffey (beside the Conference Centre) where she was going to a surprise party on a boat (the Cill Airne)

I left her there and cycled on home

How beautiful are these flowers from Alice?!

It was a lovely evening and I sat in my window, people watching and listening to records.