Monday 16 November 2020

Shed cleaning (again)

 Sigh. I cleaned the shed. Again.  

It had got full. Again.

This has to stop!  I did make some good progress today though - I got rid of 4 chairs that I had stored in the shed because I just could not bring myself to throw them out.  They were vintage 1950 garden table chairs. Very cute! You can imagine why I didn't want to throw them out. But we simply have too many chairs already in our garden.  So I knocked into our new neighbour next door and offered them to her.  Success! She loved them. 

I've made a pact with myself that if the shed gets full again, same as above, I need to throw some items out while cleaning again.

Pics below

More DIY!

Following on from my busy day of DIY yesterday, I did a little more today!


Project 1

The sign on top of the shed had fallen off.  Seems like it was just attached with cement glue or something.  So I got out my trusty new Milwaukee drill and screwdriver and I screwed it down

Project 2
I painted the wood that I had screwed to cover up a hole in the shed - see yesterday's blog for pics

Project 3
We got new back doors - hurricane proof ones.  The paint around the frame got damaged during the install so today I touched that up and it looks good I think!

Sunday 15 November 2020

Say hello to my little friend

 I got some great little DIY projects around the house done today...

...with the help of my awesome birthday gift from Patrick.  A cordless drill and screwdriver. How awesome are these?! I gasped when I opened the wrapping.  I am just delighted with them!

Project 1
I didn't need my new tools for this job but am delighted to have got this job done:
I rehung my large Pigsy piece using the old nail hangings I already had in place, plus today applying Command velcro strips which hold the frame in much better place against the wall.  
Doesn't it look just great?

Project 2
I installed two new bolts on our shed door.  You can see the old one in the middle of the door which doesn't work any more because the doors or the door frame is out of whack.  Because the door works fine I figured easier to just put on a new bolt, rather then try balance out doors and the frame etc.  I installed two - we will use just one on a day to day basis, but the two will be used for storms and hurricanes etc (ugh).

Project 3
I re-fixed a little door knob back on to our laundry room doors.  It's been sitting on the kitchen counter for ages, feels great to have this done!

Project 4
This is the one I am most happy about! 
Ok, so a bit of background, our shed is as old as the house i.e. 1953.  The shed is feeling it's age I think, but I do love it so!  Around the bottom of it there is some rotting of the metal (oh, did I mention it's a cool old metal shed!) and a bit of a hole was developing.  I had a plan to cover this up in some way, so today when I saw our neighbour was throwing out some wood I snaffled a piece that fitted nicely.  Yep, I know it doesn't look "perfect", that is the way I like it.  We describe our house as "cottagey" and this captures the feel as far as I am concerned.

And here I am, happy as Larry and delighted with life!

Monday 9 November 2020

Phoenix Rising!

Saturday!  What an utterly glorious day.

On Saturday night I toasted President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris with some bubbly in my Pigsy "Phoenix Rising" mug. This artwork is a piece that represents hope and positivity for the future so it felt very appropriate for the day that was in it.

To celebrate the win of Joe and Kamala, Pigsy has made a special release of the "Phoenix Rising" artwork mug.  It is now available in a limited edition run of just 46! You can order today and once they are gone, they are gone!

Storm Eta

Storm or Hurricane Eta was forecast to hit this morning - potentially a Category 1 hurricane. We prepared, for the first time ever, by putting up (on??) our storm shutters.

The good old low tech 70 year old clam shell shutters folded in perfectly, and were easily secured.  And the other ones were not too difficult in the end either - with some assistance from our good friend and neighbor Bill.  We will be able to do them ourselves in the future but was great to have his help for the first time.

Long story short we went to bed at the normal time, slept soundly through the night and woke up to NOTHING this morning.  A good complaint. Seems the storm bypassed Key West and headed up further North.  Yes, we have to rewind all the prep work we did yesterday.  But at least we don't have that and storm damage and clean up etc to deal with.

Pics of the little blue house all shuttered up below!