Sunday 4 January 2015

New Year's detox

Tomorrow, I am back to work after a long period off.  I am loathe to tell you that I have been very bad with my diet.  As I write I am nibbling on the last of the Christmas chocolate :-(

As is my habbit I am starting a new year diet/detox.
This year I am starting the Clean 9 detox 
It's a big kit made up of aloe vera gel, supplements and protein powder.

The Garcinia on the right is a natural appetite suppressant.

Vanilla shake.

All ready for work tomorrow!

I shall report back on my progress in 9 days (or before)
Wish me luck!

Friday 2 January 2015

Bunch o' Barbies!

Yesterday I crawled up into my parents attic and took down a box of Barbie dolls I stashed away approx. 15/20 years ago.

There are 11 in total, some of them are collectors or limited edition.  I apologise in advance for the quality of the photos, it was difficult to take pics with the plastic of the box reflecting.  I probably should take better ones in daylight.

I am selling these as a job lot - €200 if the buyer collects from me in Dublin, or €200 plus p&p if the buyer wants it posted.

Do you know any Barbie collectors?!  
Please share!

My mother rang me today to say my dad had found 3 more boxes stashed away. There are 34 boxed barbies in total!
I will get some photos of the others!