Sunday 25 October 2020

New (to us) cooler

 Kind of a funny story I think... 

So the house next door is up for sale/just been sold.  The people who are leaving it have been renting it for 25 years!  Not an easy move am sure.  

They have been putting a lot of their stuff they want to get rid of out on the curb for people to take away.  We saw this huge cooler that we were kind of interested in...we were on our way to Shanna Key for dinner (on that basis I can tell you it was a Monday night lol) when we saw it, so we said we would look at it on the way back if it was still there and figure out if we definitely wanted it or not.

On the way back, it was still there and we figured it looked great condition - just needed a good clean.  AND! On the back of it we saw a name stuck on it.  The name of the previous owners of our house!  We said that it must be a sign, we simply had to "bring this guy back home".  

Today we gave it a good clean with the pressure washer and I am going to store it at car bar - and use it as a sitting bench when having a drink at the bar.

I really like the yellow on it.  I wonder what year it is from??? I think it is late 1980's/early 1980's maybe?! Hmm, although based on the shape maybe more 1990's/2000's.

Halloween is coming...

 I wrote previously about the excitement of buying a pumpkin.  Well the halloween preparations continue, and we are set for trick or treaters to call to the house.  We have candy and a cool witchy bowl to shove out to the kids lol.

Did you know that in Ireland, when I was growing up, you never said "trick or treat", instead we use to say: "Help the Halloween Party"  I think that is cute :)

Something else I think is cute:

My new necklace from Coach!

Monday 19 October 2020

October fun

On Sunday, we took care of some very important business.  We went pumpkin shopping!! There is a cool little garden centre very near us, which while well stocked with plants and flowers, also provides employment and services to adult with development needs.  So I was pleased we could support by buying our BIG pumpkin from them.

The plan is that a week before Halloween we are going to carve it, stick a candle inside and place it out our front yard on an old tree stump to show all the trick or treaters that we are Open for Business!!  I wonder will there even be any kids out trick or treating this year with covid??  We will take whatever precautions are needed, but if any kids do call, we are ready!  Fun!

Sunday 18 October 2020

Bit of workplace fun...

 I got a message from a guest looking for shampoo, conditioner, shower cap etc...and a framed photo of Hall and Oates. I replied to them using song titles e.g Thank you for your request, I do hope we can "make your dreams come true" etc


Wednesday 14 October 2020

Now you can WEAR Pigsy art

 Exciting news! Irish artist Pigsy has launched his own line of wearable art - tshirts, trucker caps, tote bags and more.  And you can even drink art now - I think the enamel mugs are my favourites!

Two pics below, but for all his gear, check out his merch page on the Pigsy website.

Cute!!!  I love this print

My favourite!
I have heard on good authority these cups are good for your coffee in the morning AND your wine in the evening! Check out his website - there is another cool mug with the awesome cyberpunk print.

Ps. I am thinking the tshirts and enamel mugs would make perfect Christmas presents for the art lover in your life!

Tuesday 13 October 2020

Crab traps are in the water!!

Following on from my last post about the crab traps, I can now confirm we have five in the water!  

It was not without a lot of effort to get them to this point.  Assembling the traps together, was nothing compared to making the concrete bases for them.  You can kind of see the concrete in this photo?  Fair play to Garret and Patrick getting this done while Katrina and I were at work!

Then, they brought these, now very HEAVY, traps out to the mooring spot via jeep and out little 12 ft Carolina skiff.  They were dropped down with rope and a buoy for identification attached.  I etched our licence number into the buoys and spray painted them (again for easy identification). Oh! And not forgetting the bait of pigs feet and hot dogs.  Crabs like pork apparently??

By law the traps must now stay down for two weeks before you can pull them up and check them.  Hopefully there will be some crabs in there at this point - and you can remove one claw and throw the crab back in the ocean.  The crab will regrow it's claw.  How crazy is that???! You must however leave one claw on it - even thought it would regenerate the two in time - it needs one for protection and survival in the ocean.

Small purchases - bed linen and kitchenware

I got new bedclothes for our bedroom and am delighted with them!  While I always like plain white, I think the simplicity of it was getting a tad boring.  I am sure I will be back to the white again but for now I like this! 

Patrick's favourite ceramic knife gave up the ghost, and he was devastated, so I immediately went on to amazon to get him another one. It was free shipping once I went over $25, so by ordering two I achieved that (by 22 cents lol!).  They arrived and boy they are great!

Monday 5 October 2020

Yard chores and crab traps. Life is good!

Fall has arrived, and with it Stone Crab Season!  We have had the crab traps stored in our shed for a while now so we decided we needed to get on to things - and get the traps made up this weekend and then hopefully get them in the water next weekend coming.

            I think we all know how happy power tools make me!

How about that?! We are all set! I will update you once we have laid them next week.  

The plan is that with our fellow crab hunters, our friends Garrett and Katrina, we hope to catch enough over a month or so to have a big stone crab dinner for the four of us.  Each one of us will make a key lime mustard and we will eat the crabs and vote on whose mustard is best.  How much fun does that sound?!

We also borrowed a power washer from Garrett and cleaned the front and back of our garden.  And the 1953 clamshell storm shutters/window awnings. Hard work! But worth it.  Apparently you should do a power washing of your home once a year or so - we are going to buy our own power washer soon.

Ps.  29 days to the election here in the USA.  Right now the big story is about a man who has Covid 19 and who may or may not be a super spreader.  That's all I have to say on that matter, friends.  Good night, wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance, stay safe!

Thursday 1 October 2020

Irish artist Pigsy on Spanish tv!

 Well! What timing.  After my post yesterday about Irish artist Pigsy and all his recent media coverage, what do I now find out?  He is going to be on TV in Spain!

Yesterday, himself and Enid travelled from Malaga to Marbella to the tv studios of Marbella TV.  After an initial briefing, a stint in the hair and makeup chair, he was under the studio lights and in front of the camera for his interview with Nicole King. The show will air on Friday.  How exciting is that?!

A few pics are below