Monday 16 February 2015

Pancake Tuesday

Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday but I just couldn't wait!

On the way home from work I nipped into the shop and bought two bottles of "just add" milk pancake batter.  I felt a bit guilty - pancake batter is so easy to make - but this is just so handy and clean.

I bought a bottle of American style and a bottle of Crepe (or thin) pancake mix.  Growing up I preferred a fat pancake, but as I get older I find my taste is more for a thin pancake.

Here is my first pancake cooking away

And here is the other side of  it on the plate.
Again I have very different tastes from when I am growing up as regards toppings.
When I was young liked chocolate spread on my pancakes, whereas now I love nothing more than simple sugar and lemon.  

Sunday 15 February 2015

Only in Ireland?

Only in Ireland would you see a sign before you drive onto the motorway saying no horses! AND no horse and carts!

Only in Limerick!