Sunday 28 March 2021

Little blue house, project



Open gap/vent into attic space.  One on either side of the house but one of them already has a grate on it (from the inside). It appears on this one, the grate was removed when some wiring work was done. This opening is just sitting there, exposed, any type of rodent could move in.

Tools for the job! (Wire cutter/snips borrowed from Bill across the road)

A little bit fiddly because I had to work around some pipes and wiring etc

But I got there!

Really pleased that this little Sunday job has been done.

Thursday 25 March 2021

One month of yoga

Today was my last class of my month long sign up for bikram. I went with zest and passion for the first three weeks, and for a little less passion in the last week.  On that basis, I am going to take a week or two (or three) off, and when I am ready to commit again, I shall sign up for another month. 

Not a great pic but I thought you might like to see this cool poster in my studio. And I must say, after my month, I do feel great.  And hopefully look great too sure!

Be well. Namaste.


Tuesday 23 March 2021

Dairy Queen run

5.39pm Sunday evening.  Really wanted Dairy Queen, but ugh, really didn't want to get out of pajamas (yes, had put them on quite early in the evening, acknowledged).  Changed bottoms, threw a hoodie over the top.  No judgement please


My ice cream was great. 

Miracle Gro. Positive thoughts please


I've been struggling with getting some plants/bushes/trees in the garden to GROW. Ironic really, because things grow and populate in Florida at crazy speed.  Probably I may not have been watering them enough so the last month I've really been focused on a daily watering regime. And they are getting plenty of sunshine (Florida) so why are they not growing?

A neighbour suggested to me that maybe I should try some fertilizer.  So yesterday we went to Strunk and I bought this liquid feed that comes with this zany looking hose attachment yoke.  I need to feed this to the plants every 7-14 days.

Specifically I am trying to fill in this "hole" here to get full privacy in our garden.  I look forward to updating you in two to three weeks and hopefully being able to report progress!

Sunday 21 March 2021

News alert

How cute is this little news post that Patrick posted on his facebook on St Patrick's Day?

For posterity, here are some pics of the Big Day:

I am joking calling it the big day.  It was so small and lowkey.  Just the two of us. In the courthouse on Whitehead Street. The courthouse is just around the corner from the hotel where I work so we popped around to it.  We told my boss and he bought us a fancy cocktail in the hotel's fancy bar and toasted us best wishes.  And then afterwards we went for dinner - just the two of us, tapas and martini's in one of our favourite restaurants (Martin's).  And that was it! Perfect really.

Kind of funny.  We both left work at about 4.15pm and met at the courthouse for 4.30pm.  I wore the same dress I wore to work that day.  And I went through the whole ceremony wearing my name badge as seen in the photo above!!! I noticed it after our officiant snapped a few pics so had to ask her to take a few more, minus the name badge. 

Ok, that really is it!  Message me if you need any more detail. But I don't think there is anything else to tell to be honest.

I guess this is our thing now


Patrick picked me up from work on Friday and we headed out to check the traps.  After catching five claws, including a MONSTER, we anchored up and had a little picnic.  Sushi and Prosecco.  I guess this is our thing now.

I am not sure if the picture above really captured the scale of this MONSTER. Goddammit, it's practically bigger then my hand.

There's a man, on a 4 day weekend (he booked some vacation time off), looking very relaxed and happy with himself, eh? 

Life is good.

Monday 15 March 2021

New shoes

 Two years ago when I started work in Key West I bought myself a lovely pair of Michael Kors shoes.  Blush pink/nude, perfect size heel and so comfortable.  For some time now however, they have been looking older and scruffier than I like to admit.  I will post a photo below.  I am embarrassed showing this photo but for posterity I will - has to be said though, they show worse in the photo than in real life.  I promise!

So! For some time now I have been looking for a replacement for them.  Actually not any old replacement, I wanted that exact pair again.  They really were just perfect.  Am still mad I simply did not buy them in duplicate or triplicate two years ago.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I've been searching all over the net and also in Ross and TJ Maxx whenever I am in there.  Nothing. Nil. Nada.  Until finally, I find them (or a style similar anyway), in a crazy sequin style.  I go ahead and order and you know I have to say I am reasonably happy.  The heel is perfect.  They were not as comfortable from Day One but after only two or three days of wearing they were broken in.  And the hotel guests love them, every day I get compliments about them. Here's hoping I get another two years out of them!

I promise you they were not as bad in real life.  
Ok.  Moving swiftly on.  Please see the new shoes below


Dockmaster Office

 Our (baby) boat is docked at the Key West Yacht Club since June 2020 and we are just so happy with it there. It has just the right amount of professionalism that we are confident the boat is safe and  it also has a big dollop of Key West quirk and charm - that every time I go there I smile.

This is where we met with the dockmaster to discuss the boat dock.

Spotted yesterday, this is a fun new sign in place now!
Isn't it cute?!

Anchor down

After the success of our last boat picnic, we decided to do it all over again yesterday.

Went out to the crab traps and had a bumper day! Six claws in total.  One giant one, four great ones, and one good one.  Delighted!

To celebrate the haul, we boated back in towards the dock.  Anchored down about 5 minutes away and enjoyed the chats, some sushi and prosecco. Fabulous and relaxing.  And fun!

Monday 8 March 2021

Another Pigsy sold!


This little Pigsy went to market.  
And now resides with it's buyer in Singapore!

Adorable blog post!

My twin sister Enid (of RenovatingLPA blog) was recently a guest blogger for Pigsy.  I think she wrote the most adorable and helpful post.  Enid as you might know is a librarian.  Her post is all about suggestions of things to do to introduce your child to art.  A bonus is she also gives her Top 10 suggestions of books for children.  It is a practical blog post - with helpful ideas for you and your little one(s) - to help keep them entertained, and learning, at the same time.  Enid is a an awesome librarian, I used to love visiting her in all the libraries she has worked in over the years and see her interact with people and talking books. Particularly with young people and children.  I do hope you enjoy her guest blog!

**Read her post here!**

Final crabs of the season??

 There is a change in crabbing and I guess it is a sign that the season is coming to an end.  While the quantity of crabs are there (in the trap) they are all very small so on each trip out now we are getting just one or two claws of legal size.  The halycyon days of 32 big claws and a party for 8 people seem very distant now!  

But! We still managed to have a little small gathering with our "across the street" neighbours yesterday. We had 9 claws which meant three each as F preferred not to eat and stuck to meat and cheese.

Oh! And devilled eggs.  Which reminds me, look at this double yolk egg I got yesterday.  Apparently it means an older hen (like humans: the chances of twins going up when a woman is older).

First time I've ever seen one of these!

After all those yummy claws we had a dessert of key lime pie and then a dip in the pool - fun and chats for the evening. A fabulous evening as always with a lovely couple.

I shall keep you updated on whether this is the end of season or not. We are hoping for one more meal of just ourselves and go out with a bang! Maybe a bottle of prosecco thrown in too for good measure ;)

I'm on a boat

 When someone says to you that we are going crabbing on the little tiny boat and then having a picnic, you don't ask details and (excuse the pun) you just go with the flow. And this is the outcome:

Monday 1 March 2021

Sunday afternoon


Fun afternoon yesterday.  We went somewhere new (Pepe's!) and treated ourselves to an Afternoon Tea of Raw and Baked Oysters (we got two rounds of their medley of three different ones).  And of course a couple of beers and a cocktail or two for me :)

We had a lovely time.  It won't be an every Sunday thing but we will definitely be back. The oysters were fabulous and Pepe's was a fun cute little place - and sitting outside we felt safe etc from covid.