Sunday 24 July 2022

Chair repair

 More, on the topic of things not lasting in Key West...I present to you these beautiful Adirondack chairs.  Bought by our neighbors approx two years ago in Key West, already they had started rotting and falling apart.

I am rather partial to an adirondack chair so when I heard these were destined for the bin I immediately put my hand up for them,

A couple of slats were completely broken

When I took the slats off I could see that the damage was even more than I knew about so I had to do some additional reparations and building up (the white wood)

Sitting pretty and delighted with my handiwork

Well, do we want to lay bets how long more we will get out of these??

Things break waaaay faster in Key West

 Think about the last time you had to replace your shower head.  If ever, am I right?!

In Ireland you do up your bathroom and about twenty years later you renovate it again.  And in between then, things are just fine.  Maybe the odd toilet blockage needing a plunging (bleugh) or a clogged drain from hair in the shower (double bleugh). Lol.  But lookit, my point stands, generally things are just fine.

Well here in Key West, things are a little different, ok! A combination of the climate (humid), the salt air from the sea and termites means that...Things Just Break.

This weekend's project involved a trip to Home Depot, a shower head, a vice grips and some plumber's tape.

Old shower head

Problem: water was spraying out of part of the head and hitting the wall versus falling down like a rain storm in the tropics

Caused by: the "plate" in the middle of the head coming loose and started to jut outwards


Wednesday 6 July 2022

Little photo dump of the Canada Day celebrations this year!
It was funny weather...raining all morning and still drizzling a touch when people arrived.  It didn't dampen spirits though and a great afternoon was had

LOOK AT THIS CAKE!!! Nino brought it to the party!  And then I brought it into work and everyone LOVED IT

This year's signature Party Cocktail By Amy
A Crown Royal Cherry Coke Smash! 

We still had some cherries left over from the party so I made Patrick an after dinner cocktail for a few evenings after the party! 

Car bar! All Canadian looking

Some Canadian sports representation :)


Quick round up of events

What's been happening since I blogged last?  See below for a quick catch up!

We ate the last of this season's haul of Stone Crab Claws. Sad to see them go!  Season starts in October of 2022 and our goal is to catch enough for us to enjoy as a Christmas Day Dinner.

Jealous :( 
I missed a great night out with Enid and Alice.  Dionne Warwick was playing in the Bord Gais theatre and they met up with our friends/her band.  They are laughing hysterically in this photo because they both arrived wearing the exact same outfit aside from colour - a very cool jumpsuit from Mango.

I spent a lovely evening with one Mr Tom Cruise.  I also spent a great evening with Elvis Presley.  Both of these films get the Amy Stamp of Amazing and I recommend them thoroughly

Back protesting :(  
After repealing the 8th Amendment in Ireland a couple of years ago I thought I was finished with this cr*p.

But, no :(

Started preparations for our Canada Day party....i.e. ordered stuff from Amazon.
How cool is my tin cup?! You simply must have a drinking cup for a party, eh.  EH!!!!!!

Buddy helping with the decorations

Look at this lovely (wedding) gift from Alice!!!!