Saturday 26 April 2014

Ikea hack - new picture for my wall

One canvas picture from ikea (€35)
Material of your choice from ikea (€12)

Use staple gun and cover canvas with new "canvas" (material)

et voila!!!!

I couldn't find my spirit level so I couldn't hang the picture tonight but I am so excited about how it turned out  that I am including this photo to give you an idea of it when hung.

I am so happy with it!
I think it is quite 1960's / mid 20th century in look.  And I like the flashes of red in it.

The finished product!

Twist Cafe - Maynooth

Last night, myself, Ann and Louise met up for our usual "every couple of months meet-up".  

We had got into a habit of going to La Bucca in Dunboyne, and as nice as it is, Louise figured we were ready for a change. So during the week she sent us a text saying she had booked Twist in Maynooth.  I looked up the menu and I was intrigued.  Lots and lots of interesting tapas, got my mouth watering just reading the menu :-)

Twist is BYOB which is always welcome!  They charge corkage of €3 per bottle of wine and €1 per beer etc.  

We started by ordering a selection of tapas between us all - we all chose 2 each - and they were divine!!!!!
And they came out so quickly - yet perfectly cooked and fresh - fabulous.
Round 2! We then ordered another batch to share - choosing 1 each.
And again, they were fabulous. Each and every one had the most delicious flavours.

I really cannot say enough good things about Twist's tapas!
While leaving I noticed on the menu in the window that they do breakfast.  Pancakes!!!!  I will be back - for more tapas and for pancakes!

Saturday 19 April 2014

A big purchase!

I spent Friday night over in Enid's.  It was really nice - we took a dip in the hot tub, ate steak and drank wine.  
We also went SHOPPING!  Here I am in Brown Thomas (a big department store in Dublin) in the nespresso department drinking coffee.  

While Enid was originally the only one of us in the market for coffee machine shopping, we both ended up buying one!
Such a good price that I just couldn't resist.

There is a special offer on at the moment that you get a €50 voucher when you buy a machine.
Equally they have a "welcome pack" offer for €57.20 for 150 capsules, plus a nice perspex storage box.
So my machine was €99, + €57.20 for the welcome pack, minus the voucher = €106.20

And how cool does it look in my kitchen!

Enid (of renovating was under very strict orders to get all black. Her husband is very picky about his colours and design :-)

She had to get a machine for €149 as the €99 one was out of stock in the black.   So while she spent €156.20 in total I still think it is great value.

Finally, (and most importantly) the coffee.  We have one of these machines in work.  I am a big fan.  I am looking forward to tomorrow morning sitting in bed, reading the newspapers and drinking nice coffee.

Saturday 12 April 2014

Local library

I was feeling bored this afternoon, so to while away an hour or two I called into my local library.  I don't go regularly enough - funnily tends to be when "I'm bored" - and every time I go, I say I must go more regularly.

I got some great books today.  Plus I got a bag!     
The six books I borrowed today were all different shapes and sizes so this book was really handy.

I got a nice little selection of books:
  • A book about Chanel Jewellery - some great pics of stunning pieces: from the 30's 40's and 50's yet are timeless in style
  • A book with some ideas for things to make from doughcraft
  • Heirloom crafts 
  • Some crime books: book about a missing girl who was finally discovered murdered 17 years later, a (true) story of a NASA employee who stole (priceless) moon rocks, and an Ann Rule book.
Ann Rule is my guilty pleasure :-D

And finally!  
This is a new video made by Fingal Libraries about the library services they provide.
Check out my twin sister Enid (of  Renovating LPA blog) who took part in the video.  
Didn't she do well!

What cool services does your library provide?!

Saturday 5 April 2014

Daffodil Day 2014 travel mug

As part of Daffodil Day (The Irish Cancer Society's fundraising day) these fabulous travel mugs were for sale - along with of course bunches of daffodils.

This mug was only €6!  I think they could have charged at least €8, if not even €10.

I love the message on the mug.  And I also love the really bright cheery colour - it makes me feel cheerful drinking from it :-)