Sunday 30 June 2013

Clean Kitchen

Got the kitchen done yesterday afternoon.

Cleared the decks (counter!) and completely decluttered i.e. put the mixer and the toaster in cupboards etc.  Scrubbed the floor with my steamer.

It feels good to have it done. Moving on to my bedroom now.

Saturday 29 June 2013

To Do list - weekend

Tickets to London to be booked - check
Pay NPPR tax bill - check
Post on Kayak's club forum about forthcoming trip - check
Clean kitchen - tbc

It's only Saturday afternoon though!

Wednesday 26 June 2013

One Human Family

I miss Key West.

To remind me of the island, plus to help keep me calm and sane at work I've placed a One Human Family sticker on my pc.

This is the philosophy of Key West - that every human being is created equal and part of the same family.  

When I look at this sticker it makes me think of Key West and smile :-)

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Video! Video! Video!

AID's Memorial

The Key West Aids Memorial is a beautiful tribute to all people who have died from AIDs and who lived in or loved the Keys.

It was built in 1997 and is maintained by a group of volunteers.  

From the memorial's own website:
t might be hard to understand now, but on an island of less than 30,000 year round residents, AIDS and HIV had a devastating impact including the loss of over 700 friends and neighbors to AIDS related illnesses in only a few short years. No segment of this island’s community was spared as prominent business owners, housewives, Conchs, service men, gay and straight alike contracted the dreaded disease.
According to The Centers for Disease Control, Key West had one of the highest AIDS rates per capita in the United States in 1988, based on the number of diagnosed cases per 100,000 people:
• Key West (Monroe County): 121
• San Francisco: 102
• New York City: 63
• Greater Miami: 45
• Greater Ft Lauderdale: 37
Not only was Key West battling an epidemic few people understood at the time, but it was also becoming a refuge for hundreds of people who were diagnosed elsewhere but felt they could not remain at home in what many considered to be hostile environments. So they moved to Key West, which drove the “real” numbers much higher and put an overwhelming strain on the medical resources of the tiny island community.
Today, the Memorial bears the names of more than 1,000 people who have died from AIDS in the Florida Keys. It is the only official municipal AIDS Memorial in the world and serves as a tribute to the accepting and generous community of Key West.

Such a terrible terrible disease that now thankfully a lot more people are dieing with, rather than from.
And while a very sombre memorial it is very beautiful.

Kelly's Key West

Mam & I under the famous sign outside Key West indicating it as the Birthplace of Pan Am Airlines.

Kelly's "Clipper" pizza

Tuna ahi

They are famous for their wings - and rightly so!

If I have one complaint about Kelly's is that it just isn't Pan Am themed enough for me...  I have read articles about when Fred Tillman and Kelly McGillis bought it and their plans for building - to be a bar, restaurant and a great museum.  

I don't know if it has always been like this but for me the photos and exhibits are a bit "mish-mash" or "higgedly-piggedly". It's as if there are spaces missing on the surmisation (rightly or wrongly) is that maybe when Kelly and Fred split that some of the memorabilia was removed or sold at that point???

Denny's for Breakfast - last day tradition

I am not ashamed to say I am a big fan of Denny's!

They do great coffee in my opinion.

We went for breakfast on Katie's last morning and then we went for breakfast on my last morning.

The above photo is from my last morning.  I ate 5 pancakes.  Oh dear :-(  
The diet has officially started back!

Our Humble Abode

Dad outside Southard Belle.

Mam & I.

The porch/verandah above us was a lovely place to sit and read and enjoy the view - the best place to cool down with the island breeze.

Mam in Swimming pool. 

Bar on second floor.

There go the neighbourhood!

Getting ready for the 4th of July!

Our neighbours cat - perfectly framed by the Gingerbread fence

Braza Lena with Enid

Enid and I arranged to meet for a bite to eat at the bar in Braza Lena.

The Happy Hour caiproskas ($5) were excellent

I didn't make a great choice.  The meat platter was just okay.  I didn't like the sausage at all - too greasy, tasted a bit deep fried to me.

I don't have a photo but Enid's burger was very very nice.

A fun night!

Alonzo's, good food, good times!

My favourite place in KW is Alonzo's.

I wouldn't be fond of raw oysters, but baked with lime juice, garlic, breadcrumbs and parmesan means I dream about these from one year to next.

Alonzo's buffalo shrimp.  Big fat sweet juicy shrimp.

Chili chowder.  Dad reported it as great.

Southernmost Beach and Cafe

Mam and I spent a nice few hours on the beach and then went into the Cafe for some Happy Hour nibbles

The popcorn shrimp was fine.

Mam's salad...

Wings - always awesome.
Tuna sliders - FABULOUS!

Trivia Night / Table Quiz in McConnell's

McConnell's on Duval Street host a trivia quiz every Wednesday evening.  

It is a fun event.  
Prizes are given out after each round, plus an overall winner at the end of all the rounds.  This is good because it means that you don't have to be there for the whole night if you don't want to.

First Wednesday it was just mam and Katie.  They did "ok".
Second week it was mam, Sheila and I (and Dad near the end).  We did "ok".
3rd week Sheila brought the big guns with her!  David - her secret weapon.  He was great!!

Check out the big brain on David!
Plus the bucket of beer just won.

Wahey we came second! (Team Dublin)

One of my favourite things to do in Key West - Fishing!

Myself and Dad setting off on our Fishing Trip.  
We always go on Captain John's boat which is a large party boat which suits our needs perfectly.

This guy caught the biggest fish.  He had a special rod/pole and was casting out into the deep.  He was very happy as this was exactly what he set out to catch. He got two big fat fillets from this fish, I can only imagine how great it tasted.

First Mate Brian sorting out and dividing up the catch.

Dad and I caught ALL this fish - about 10 each.  We were very happy with our haul.

Even happier eating it!

I caught this fish! I cooked this fish!

What a great day.

Chartroom Bar 45th Birthday Celebration

I received a facebook invitation to this Celebration from a friend ours and KW resident Sheila.

It was a very well organised event.  I wish I had more photos for you :-(

Up the back of the bar there was a table with a huge archive of photographs, postcards, doodlings & memorabilia from the last 45 years.
As this was a fundraiser event there was a Chilli Cook Off competition and a Raffle with lots and lots of prizes.

Sheila's chili came 3rd.  It was a very unusual white chicken chili - both divinely creamy and kicky at the same time.  Well done Sheila!

Afterwards mam and I walked on the Pier House (the hotel where the Chartroom Bar is sited) and had a paddle in the sea.  It was lovely!

We then snuck into the swimming pool and rinsed off our feet.  

Quick drop off into CVS on our way home where we met a cute little shi tzu and his owner Marni. 
Marni, her husband and the puppy came down on their sailing boat from North Florida.