Saturday 9 June 2012

Wheely nice bike :-)

My bike needed a puncture repaired.....for about a year now *embarrassed face*.

So I decided to bring it down to Blanch village to the bikeshop to be repaired.  Enid suggested best way would be on the train, get off at Castleknock station and walk around.

Here is my bike at the station with the old Clonsilla stationmaster hut in the background.

And here is my bike on the train!

The bike shop had some lovely bikes!  I like the cream one in behind the pink one the best.

Did you know that bike shops do not "repair" punctures anymore??  They just replace the tube.

This is good because it keeps costs down for me and time down for them. 
It cost only €12.  Whereas if they were to spend the time to do the whole repair process they would have to charge much more than that.

But not good for landfill :-(

I was going to buy a basket for my bike but there were none that would have been able to be installed on to the bike without impeding the cables.
So instead I asked mam could I borrow her panniers which she has not used yet (she has a basket on her bike)

I am very happy!  Now I just have to get out on it!

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