Saturday 2 February 2013

Like Guinness?? Like FREE Guinness?!

In 2013 Ireland is hosting a year long celebration called The Gathering 2013.  It's basically a year of festivals and gatherings celebrating people of Irish heritage.  If you have Irish blood in you come visit Ireland in 2013!  Or if you can't make it in 2013 come the year after...or the year after...we Irish are welcoming any time!

So there are loads of events on throughout the year.  A good place to find out about things is on The Gathering's facebook page - click here to go to page.  Also a good link is the official Gathering website which is

I follow The Gathering on facebook.  I like keeping up with the events, plus they also have had some great competitions for people outside Ireland to win flights/vacations to Ireland etc.  Every now and again something really catches my eye and this Guinness promo is one of those things.

Basically Guinness are offering the first 50,000 people to email the chance to be a "Gathering Ambassador" or as I prefer to say a "Guinness Ambassador"!!!!!!  You get a card giving you free entry to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin which normally costs €14.85, plus 10% discount for your guests.  The storehouse is a fantastic tour! I've been a few times and I really reccommend it.  Plus you get a free pint of Guinness at the end of the tour - served in the the Gravity Bar which has 360 degree views of Dublin.  So all in all this Ambassador card is a good deal as far as I am concerned!

Have you ever been to Ireland?  Do you plan on coming visiting us some day?!

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