Tuesday 25 June 2013

Chartroom Bar 45th Birthday Celebration

I received a facebook invitation to this Celebration from a friend ours and KW resident Sheila.

It was a very well organised event.  I wish I had more photos for you :-(

Up the back of the bar there was a table with a huge archive of photographs, postcards, doodlings & memorabilia from the last 45 years.
As this was a fundraiser event there was a Chilli Cook Off competition and a Raffle with lots and lots of prizes.

Sheila's chili came 3rd.  It was a very unusual white chicken chili - both divinely creamy and kicky at the same time.  Well done Sheila!

Afterwards mam and I walked on the Pier House (the hotel where the Chartroom Bar is sited) and had a paddle in the sea.  It was lovely!

We then snuck into the swimming pool and rinsed off our feet.  

Quick drop off into CVS on our way home where we met a cute little shi tzu and his owner Marni. 
Marni, her husband and the puppy came down on their sailing boat from North Florida.

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