Thursday 14 November 2013

Cease and Desist - a very short book review

I had a spare hour in the library so I quickly read this book - it's very small.
It's a great story, and a thoroughly entertaining account of an Irishwoman's battle with the Disney corporation.
It tells the story of the creation, by Denise Fitzpatrick, of an old seanchai pig called Piggley Pooh and his adventures as a young pig with his farmland friends. Denise and her husband Francis were busy selling the concept of Piggley as an animated series, around Europe, when Disney got wind of it and started a Cease & Desist action against the couple - based on an apparent likeness to the Disney owned character Winnie the Pooh.
What Disney have in money they obviously lack in common sense. Aside from the name Pooh I can't fathom any other similarity between the bear called Winnie and the pig called Piggley. And that may well be why, in the end, the Fitzpatrick's won over Disney.
All in all an entertaining little read but I did find the author's supercillious and egotistical tone grating at times.

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