Sunday 16 March 2014

Signed up to netflix...and watched two "vintage" films today

1976 - when shorts were short and men were moustachioed (is that the correct word!)

Lifeguard tells the story of Rick, a 30 something year old lifeguard and the old adage (and his personal battle) between happiness in your job versus making more money.

I really really enjoyed this film!  
And personally, I think this movie poster is misleading about the type of film it is and the themes explored throughout.

I was disappointed by this film.  I've always wanted to see it and I while I threw my eye over the storyline in wikipedia before it started it did not live up to my expectations.

It certainly looked beautiful.  
The sets were pure mid-century glamour and the three main females are of course stunning.  

But overall I found the characters underdeveloped (aside from Neely O'Hara) and the script turgid.

Not one I'd recommend I am afraid!

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  1. I knew you'd like Lifeguard! You are welcome for the recommendation!!