Sunday 17 August 2014

Vintage(?) Bewley's crockery

This is my cousin's Bewley's espresso set.  It is made up of two little espresso cups and saucers, a little sugar bowl and a little cute jug.

There is a long convoluted "family story" of how these came about.  

Shortened version/summary:
About 18 years ago Kasey's mam was home from South Africa in Dublin (they lived in SA at this time).  She went into Bewley's cafe to buy Kasey an espresso cup for her collection of espresso cups.
Long story short she was refused (quite rudely!!!!) her request could she buy one.  
The nineteen year old me was affronted at the rudeness and the injustice of it all so I wrote a big long indignant letter (I cringe now!!!) to the management of Bewley's.

Anyhoo, there is a nice ending out of it all, management wrote back apologising and asking for Kasey's SA address to send her a "tea and coffee hamper" with the espresso cup!  Plus they gave me a voucher for my mother and I to go for dinner in Bewley's.

My nineteen year old self was delighted with this! 

Aren't they adorable!

This pic is better for showing their little teeny tiny size 

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