Tuesday 4 October 2016

New vinyl!

I treated myself to two new records today!
First up! Reservoir Dogs - the soundtrack of my late teens/early twenties.  Ah Good Times!
And then, the soundtrack to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy - which caught my eye because of all the great songs on it.

Hooked on a Feeling is one of my all time great singles.  This album brings me back to Friday night in the mid 90's, in my best friend's bedroom, having a few drinks while getting ready to go out to the local nightclub.

This photo is not great.  You can read the full listing of songs here. 
I've been listening to it all evening.  It's a great album.

And in other news!
I'm going on holidays!!! 
Packing is done.  I must go now and purchase some travel insurance. 
Other than that I am all set - aside from a very busy day in work tomorrow, and college tomorrow night, before airport Thursday morning!

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