Tuesday 3 January 2017

Boston 2016/2017

I am just back from literally a flying visit to Boston, that while was short was wonderful.

We did far far more than I have photos of, but below I hope, captures a flavour of all I did and saw.

On Saturday morning we went to The Bostonian for brunch.  I got pancakes, maple syrup and Virginia ham and it was fab!

While they are known for their Bloody Mary buffet bar I went for a breakfast cocktail (hey I was on holidays!) and got a "cup of Joe" - vodka, tia maria and espresso.

We visited the JFK museum which I enjoyed very much.  I discovered a lot about President Kennedy that I had not realised before (the amount  of books he wrote!) and particularly enjoyed seeing and hearing him speak.  Above is a photo from the time of the Cuban missile crisis which I think captures the atmosphere of the time.

As a bonus there was an Ernest Hemingway exhibit at the museum which was a lovely surprise. Above is a photo of Martha Gelhorn, Hemingway's 3rd wife, who I much admire.

An insight into how he became the writer he was...

The museum is in a building with this stunning outlook over water, on part of the campus of University of Massachusetts.

New Years's ice sculptures on Copley Square

Where everyone knows your name!

I loved visiting Cheers :-)

On the last day after some walking around during the morning we went back into the North End (where we had eaten dinner on the first evening) and had pizza for lunch in Regina Pizzeria. A lovely atmospheric pizzeria which has been there since 1926.  And the pizza? So good! 

How cute is this lovely building with its Christmas wreaths

I just loved all the buildings in Boston! We did a lot of walking around (at a nice easy pace!) and it was nice just admiring buildings and feeling the vibe.

Another great building.
Boston is a beautiful city which is so easy to walk around.  It has a lovely laidback atmosphere compared to the frenetic (albeit wonderful) energy of New York.

And lastly a visit to a sports bar to feel the atmosphere of an American football game.  And then it was off to the airport for my 6.30pm flight :-(

All good things must come to an end!
I had the most super time and will always have the great memories of a super New Year in a lovely city with the most thoughtful and kind host.

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