Saturday 25 February 2017

Cuba Gooding Junior in Dublin

Posting for posterity! 
I came across these two photos on an old twitter account of mine and as they are from 2011 (before blog!) they would never have been posted here on this old blog of mine.  So I figured I'd post them here - as it is a bit of an interesting story and also it saves them from getting lost forever.
So, 3 September 2011 exactly, Enid and I met Cuba Gooding Junior in Dublin.  I know that this is the exact date because he appeared on the Late Late Show on the night prior to that.  We were on our way to my friend's birthday party in Ballsbridge and popped into the bar in The Shelbourne for a quick pre-party cocktail.  And there was Cuba with his wife having a drink.
He was very nice and polite, and fair play to him, didn't seem to mind us coming over and having a little chat and getting a photo.
And here's the evidence!


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