Thursday 11 May 2017

Shopping trip

I met my mother this evening and we went to Gap (in Arnotts) on Henry Street for a browse.
I've wanted a denim jacket for ages, in particular after seeing a lovely one that Enid had on our recent trip to Muscat.  I really like the colour of this one. 
Gap and it's crazy sizing...Medium was huge on me, this is size Small

Bag and flip flops for the beach - trip to Ibiza coming up in September

A white shirt for throwing on over my bikini in Ibiza.  Again the crazy sizing in Gap, this is size Extra Small!!!

This is not my style at all but my mother made me buy it.  I guess it looks good on, but I just need to get used to it - it just isn't something I'd normally wear.  It's a nice colour though, and the cutouts on the shoulder are not at all as big as they look on the hanger, when you are actually wearing it.

I specifically wanted some new graphic t-shirts.  These will look good under my new denim jacket I think.  Lol, you want to hear something funny? These are from the boys department of Gap - they are for boys ages 12-13!

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