Monday 27 November 2017

Pre Christmas Clean Up

My mother is awesome!
Friday she was over with Enid going through her wardrobe and this morning at 9am she came over to do mine.  I am trying to think of the word to describe her skills at wardrobe organising :-) It will come to me...but in the meantime take it from me she's got a real talent for it! 
So much so that this was the result. 1 big bag of rubbish for the bin. and 6 other bags of varying size packed full of clothes for donating to the charity shop.  This is on top of me giving away the same amount only about 3/4 months ago after a previous clear out assisted by Mam.
I decided I'd bring the bags straight to the charity shop as otherwise the bags would sit there 'til kingdom come.  Actually funnily enough, later on that evening I saw a cartoon on facebook "saying happy anniversary to the clothes for donating that have been sitting on the chair in the corner of my bedroom for a year now".   Ha! 
So to avoid that happening I loaded up my bike - probably looked a bit crazy, I really couldn't care less - and Mam and I walked (while I pushed my bike) from my place over to George's Street.  There are 3 charity shops literally beside each other but thankfully I didn't have to choose one over the others as only the St Vincent De Paul shop was open.
As we walked home for a quick coffee and some nibbles before Mam got her bus home we made a plan that we will do another clear out after Christms focussing on "stuff" (read junk!!!) rather than clothes.  I look forward to that, it will be good to do a declutter.

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