Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Keto buffalo chicken

I made KETO buffalo chicken and it could not have been easier!!!

And it could not have tasted nicer!  End result pictured above.
Ok so this is how I did it!

Just 4 simple ingredients.  5 if you count whatever fat you fry them in

Egg and hot sauce whisked in a bowl.  After I made one test one I doubled the amount of hot sauce - I literally just threw an extra few dollops.  Go with your own taste for these.

This is what I fried them in.  But only because I had ran out of my pork lard.  You could also use coconut oil

Dip the chicken in the hot sauce & egg mixture

Into the almond flour

And back into the hot sauce!

This is the very first test (individual) one I made - I didn't want to ruin all the chicken if I didn't like it

How could I not like this??

I quickly moved on to cook all the rest of the chicken

So good!!!

A question for you all out there.

Have you ever made these?  Do you think I need to use the almond flour?? Is it just adding calories?  Or adding valuable fat?

What about if I just fry them in the eggy hot sauce mixture?  Or bake them in the oven in a tray of chicken covered in the chicken and hot sauce liquid??

Thoughts welcome please :)


  1. I think the almond flour is a nice coating

  2. Thank you, thank you!! Who needs pub food! I can make it at home! And no guilt!