Tuesday 7 August 2018

Keto buffalo chicken

I made KETO buffalo chicken and it could not have been easier!!!

And it could not have tasted nicer!  End result pictured above.
Ok so this is how I did it!

Just 4 simple ingredients.  5 if you count whatever fat you fry them in
NB! Do not use this type of chilli sauce, it's too high in carb.  Use Frank's hot sauce!

Egg and hot sauce whisked in a bowl.  After I made one test one I doubled the amount of hot sauce - I literally just threw an extra few dollops.  Go with your own taste for these.
NB. Remember - use Frank's hot sauce, not the one in this picture

This is what I fried them in.  But only because I had ran out of my pork lard.  You could also use coconut oil

Dip the chicken in the hot sauce & egg mixture

Into the almond flour

And back into the hot sauce!

This is the very first test (individual) one I made - I didn't want to ruin all the chicken if I didn't like it

How could I not like this??

I quickly moved on to cook all the rest of the chicken

So good!!!

A question for you all out there.

Have you ever made these?  Do you think I need to use the almond flour?? Is it just adding calories?  Or adding valuable fat?

What about if I just fry them in the eggy hot sauce mixture?  Or bake them in the oven in a tray of chicken covered in the chicken and hot sauce liquid??

Thoughts welcome please :)
And a final reminder.  Use Frank's hot sauce, not the hot sauce on the pics above - it's too high in carbs.  Frank's is much better.


  1. I think the almond flour is a nice coating

  2. Thank you, thank you!! Who needs pub food! I can make it at home! And no guilt!