Monday 22 October 2018

Dyson airwrap review

I am still in shock!!  On Thursday night Enid and I went to the launch of the Dyson Airwrap in Arnotts and I WON THE PRIZE OF AN AIRWRAP!   It's a serious piece of kit for serious money - the one I won retails at €499!!
So does it work?! 

Well here's the results after literally 10 minutes of messing around with it, before Katie and I went for dinner on Saturday evening.  I think you will agree the results look great.  And I can report that it is simple to use.  Way easier than any tongs/wand/ghd curler I have ever used in my life.  And it left my hair shiny. soft and well conditioned.
BUT!  The curl did not hold all night.  Now that may well be because it genuinely was just a quick 10 minutes of use.  It also is likely not helped that Katie and I have completely poker straight hair that never holds a curl well.  So, I'd obviously like to try it again (and again) - using a product (mousse or hairspray) - plus pinning the curls in place while they cool down and set.
Further reports will come...
P.s. I would suggest that if you are putting this on your santa list that you pop into Arnotts where they have a Dyson stand where you can try it out.  As I said, it's a serious price so you would want to be very very sure that it works for you before investing that kind of sponduligs

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